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AI Driven Summaries

Embedded AI feature which allows data on widgets in the dashboard to be processed through ChatGPT to create AI summaries. These summaries can be curated and sent back to the dashboard and included in Executive Summaries. The feature helps campaign managers and other advertiser facing roles to easily create understandable and tailored summaries of data shown in TapClicks dashboards. Also by evaluating the data using ChatGPT they can gain insights that might be missed through manual reviews.

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Report Studio

Why settle for standard reports? Report Studio allows you to build custom, one-of-a-kind reports to reflect your style and the message you want to present.

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Dashboards & Widgets

Display daily or near-real-time KPIs, critical statistics, and measurements. Change a template to update graphs, charts, and layouts on dozens or hundreds of dashboards. Highly customizable widgets deliver graphs, charts, tables, and images in dashboards and reports.

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Report Scheduler

Using the TapClicks platform, you can control who sees reports and when. By setting up a schedule for reports, you can keep your stakeholders informed and give them more power while reducing your workload.

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Executive Summaries

Give your clients a better experience by showing them insights and analysis right on their dashboards.

Additional Features

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Custom Branding

Allows users to change reports and dashboards at the Instance, Client Group, and/or Business Unit levels

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Custom Roles

Use Roles and Permissions, which can be changed in many ways, to control who can use different products and features.

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EZ Login

Provide live dashboards to TapClicks users who have registered an account.

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