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Proactively discover hidden trends, anomalies, and opportunities. Drive growth and optimize ROI across all marketing campaigns. Outperform competitors and see further than just point-in-time performance.

Effortlessly visualize and analyze your campaign performance data and make decisions such as optimizing for ROI, tracking progress in the form of alerts and managing potential leads. It enables you with tools to navigate and harness the expansive landscape of your data. The outcome is a streamlined approach to data analysis, liberating you to concentrate on the strategic intricacies of your campaigns and drive business growth.
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AI Driven Insights

Embedded AI feature which allows data on widgets in the dashboard to be processed through ChatGPT to create AI summaries. These summaries can be curated and sent back to the dashboard and included in Executive Summaries. The feature helps campaign managers and other advertiser facing roles to easily create understandable and tailored summaries of data shown in TapClicks dashboards. Also by evaluating the data using ChatGPT they can gain insights that might be missed through manual reviews.

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Goals - Budgeting &

Track and act on the progress of campaigns. Adjust strategies if Goals are not met. Enables marketing professionals to optimize campaign performance using existing data assets. It is a predictive analytics product designed to empower you to leverage data-driven projections to estimate final campaign and channel performances based on pace. This drives greater ROI through:

  • Increased campaign efficiency by allocating budget to high-performing campaigns
  • Reduced risk of campaign failure by intervening when off track
  • Streamlined reporting and oversight visual indicators
  • Campaign performance Alerts for proactive management of marketing budgets

In essence, the Goals & Pacing Module helps you transform campaign data into actionable insights.

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Leads Management

Unlock the full potential of your client relationships by giving your clients a light-CRM feature so that they can track their own leads on the TapAnalytics platform. By integrating Leads Management into your digital ecosystem, you are going beyond just tracking leads; you are setting the stage for driving conversions.


Say goodbye to scattered data. With Leads management, all your leads are funneled into one comprehensive platform, allowing for streamlined tracking and management. Whether it is through advanced call-tracking services or direct form submissions via the TapLeads tracking code, our platform is designed to capture leads from multiple channels.

Additional Features

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Administrative actions can be taken programmatically via API (Manage customers, users, business units, client groups, etc.)

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Specialized instances of TapAnalytics for you and your healthcare clients. Follows HIPAA rules and PII standards.

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Data Profiles

Control which fields are available to your customers on their dashboards and external products such as Google Sheets, GDS, and other systems.

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Provide system-generated email alerts for your data. This feature allows you to set the business rules for managing alerts.

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A means to identify the marketing decisions that actually produce revenue. It’s important to help determine the success or failure of marketing campaigns.

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