TapClicks Margin and Markup Rules

Customize your cost fields with dynamic margins and markups for precise client reporting.

Enhance Reporting with Custom Margins and Markups

TapClicks Margin and Markup Rules enable users to apply customized financial adjustments to cost fields, ensuring accurate and tailored reporting to end-customers. Offering flexibility across services, business units, and individual customers, these rules can be set to change automatically with time, providing dynamic and automated financial reporting.

Customizable Adjustments

Implement tailored margins and markups on cost fields for nuanced financial reporting.


Service-Specific Flexibility

Set distinct financial adjustments for each service, aligning with business goals and client expectations.

Business Unit and Customer Specificity

Apply different financial rules for each business unit or customer, offering unparalleled flexibility.




Time-based Automation

Automate the application of financial rules to adapt to changing conditions and strategies over time.

Tailor Your Financial Reporting

With TapClicks Advanced Calculations, you’re not just analyzing data; you’re crafting a tailored narrative that propels your business forward. Elevate your data analytics to new heights and turn insights into action.

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Enhanced Financial Control

Gain the ability to precisely adjust financial data for reporting purposes.

Increased Flexibility

Adapt to the diverse financial needs of various services, business units, and clients.

Automated Efficiency

Save time with rules that adjust automatically, eliminating manual tasks and potential for error.

Customized Reporting

Deliver tailored financial reports that accurately reflect the adjusted cost considerations.


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