Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence Platform for Local SEM

The only tool that gives you full visibility into your competitors’ SEM conversion funnel.

Share Insights with iSpionage

Local Impression Share Insights

Benchmark your prospects’ SEM market positioning against the local SEM competitors in their verticals, and identify their unseen weaknesses so you can build winning proposals to close more deals.

PPC Data with iSpionage

Win in Local Market with Users’ Journey Report

See competitors’ conversion strategies from keywords, ad copy to landing pages, reveal their PPC landing pages design and offers in their local campaigns to help you develop a winning strategy.

Better Ads with iSpionage

Write Better Ads, Raise Quality Scores, and Retain More Clients

Monitor clients’ competitors’ ad copy and their A/B testings to help agencies continually monitor and optimize clients’ SEM campaign performance more effectively.


Uncover your Competitor’s PPC Keywords
& Conversion Strategies