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Keevin Roy Co-Founder of GreenBananaSeo

“TapClicks (and the workflow with StackAdapt) saves more than 50% of time spent on monthly reporting because it can be scheduled and accessed wherever and whenever needed."


Holistic Data Management in A Single Unified Platform

TapClicks improves your business efficiency and visibility, your ability to manage client data, and enables customer success.

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Scale and Grow without Adding Headcount

Automation of standard tasks dramatically increases the number of clients and campaigns you can manage without adding headcount. You can accomplish much more with your existing staff with this increased scalability.

Improve Brand Perception and Recognition

Graphics are worth 2,000 words! High-quality visualizations aid customer retention, but full-time creative teams are expensive! TapClicks automates the creation of hi-res/high-quality reports and dashboards for you. Add in custom branding to complete the branding experience.

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Speed "Time-to-Insight" with TapClicks "No-Code" Platform

Create sophisticated solutions without advanced programming skills. Our no-code platform and your marketing know-how let you build dazzling reports and analytics using prebuilt templates and dashboards.

Tailor Customer Communications at Scale

Personalize your customer communication with TapClicks’ report automation. Build loyalty and trust with consistent communication. Deliver high-quality charts and reports directly to your customers’ inboxes.

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Blend Data across Channels and Verticals for Unified Views of Campaign Results

Track marketing results across multiple channels, e.g., search, social, display, and verticals like print, radio, and TV. Prove which channels and verticals are most effective at driving desired outcomes. Uncover insights and optimize performance.

Tell the Right Story in the Right Way to the Right Audience

Identify your audience, craft a compelling story, effectively communicate your message and achieve your objectives. Don’t rely on spreadsheets! Create high-impact visual dashboards and reports to bring your stories to life.

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Keep it Simple with One Login

Too often, platform proliferation requires multiple logins to complete a simple task. TapClicks’ Unified platform provides convenience, security, and efficiency, enhancing your business’s collaboration.

Demonstrate Campaign Value and Impress Clients with Results

Need to figure out the value drivers? TapClicks 250+ connectors team with SmartConnector to bring in any data you need. Organize the data into actionable insights showing campaign attribution, qualified leads, total conversions, and more.

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