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TapClicks Data Exporter helps you send data from over 6,000+ data sources to famous data warehouses such as Snowflake and BigQuery, common databases such as SQL and Postgres, and other top destinations such as Amazon S3 and SFTP. Automate data delivery by configuring an export to run on a schedule or demand.

We offer access to metrics, dimensions, filters, and advanced calculations to help refine and transform data, including channels and clients. TapClicks Data Exporter also provides easy-to-read error logs and the option to set up email notifications for export failures.

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TapClicks 6000+ Data Sources

6,000+ Data Sources

The most comprehensive selection of data connectors available, providing the flexibility to quickly and easily combine all the data critical for your needs

Connector Health Monitoring

Connector Health Monitoring

Get a real-time overview of all data activities so you can spot any issues right away and repair them, ensuring a steady stream of high-quality data

Flexible Data Control dashboard showing slider controls and switches'

Flexible Data Controls

TapClicks uses Data Profiles, providing customers with an ideal level of control so they can define the data their client sees

Simplified Tools at Scale

Simplified Tools at Scale

Automatically create clients and assign them to a campaign

Data Framework for Multiple Sources

Data Framework for
Multiple Sources

Easily distill data to help you make precise buying decisions using predefined or custom channels

Refine Your Data through Advanced Calculations

Refine Your Data through Advanced Calculations

Organize your data into Client and Business Units, blend data, and conduct advanced calculations to tell your unique data story

Ship to Existing Platforms and Tools

Ship to Existing Platforms
& Tools

Your team has a stack of platforms that they rely on – let TapClicks connect seamlessly with those systems

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Take the Data You Need

Fully replicate your entire TapClicks data set to your warehouse or choose individual datasets to export

Dan Pascale – Chief Operating Officer

“We’ve been using TapClicks’ Data Exporter for almost a year and it’s a reliable piece of our standard data stack. We are able to add or remove metrics and data sources on our own and have the data flow to Snowflake in minutes. We used to spend hours each week managing data pipes into Snowflake and now we have it all automated.”

Dan Pascale –
Chief Operating Officer,

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