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Order Management

Capture campaign information on three levels; Orders, Line Items and Flights.

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Order are designed to capture order header information like Client details, budgets and objectives. Your orders can be dynamic based on Pre-Sales or Regular order types.

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Line Items

Add details for each Line Item on an Order, based on the products that your agency or media company sells.  Line Items can capture information like targeting, rates and creative.

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Configurable Forms

Choose form fields that align with the information that needs to be captured for your campaign fulfillment.  Order, Line Item and Flight forms support a multitude of fields like calculated fields, select fields and customizable lists of values, and much more!

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Mobile App

Use the TapOrders Mobile App to access your Tasks, view and comment on Orders, and preview, send and approve Creative.  Are you an existing TapOrders & TapWorkflow customer? Click here to download the app from the Play Store or App Store.

Additional Features

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Budgeting Controls

Apply budget guardrails based on an overall budget.  Or rollup budgets from Flights to Line Items, and Line Items to the Order.

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CRM Integrations

Use your CRM system to automatically create Clients, Orders, Line Items or Flights in your TapOrders environment when they're ready for fulfillment.

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Push Connector Forms

Forms specifically designed for capturing campaign details for commonly used serving platforms.  Available Push Connectors today include: Google Ad Manager, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads, Snapchat Ads and Triton Ads.

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