TapClicks Interactive Dashboards

Experience unparalleled flexibility and insight with dashboards that adapt to your every need.

Transform Data into Dynamic Visual Stories

TapClicks Interactive Dashboards transcend traditional data reporting by offering a dynamic, adaptive, and comprehensive view of your marketing campaigns. With the ability to integrate data from multiple platforms into a single dashboard, these interactive tools automatically adjust to changes in connected services, ensuring your data is always accurate, current and specific to that client. Designed for versatility, they can be seamlessly incorporated into the Report Scheduler for regular automated updates to stakeholders, encapsulating the essence of your marketing efforts in one powerful module.

Unified Client View

Create a consolidated dashboard that brings together data from all the marketing platforms you utilize, offering a holistic view of client activities and campaign performance.


Auto-Recomposing Dashboards

Interactive Dashboards intelligently adapt to modifications in connected services, ensuring that the dashboard’s content is always relevant and up-to-date.

Seamless Report Integration

Easily integrate these dashboards into the Report Scheduler to automate the distribution of insights to chosen recipients on a set schedule, or incorporate in Report Studio for beautiful, pixel-perfect presentations.




Universal Access

Grant access to any number of recipients without additional costs, democratizing data accessibility and transparency across your organization and client base.

Custom Configuration

Tailor different dashboards for varied user needs and purposes, from high-level executive reviews to detailed operational analyses, ensuring relevance and strategic alignment.


Discover the Many Advantages of TapClicks Dashboards

Our interactive Dashboards are not just tools for data representation; they are comprehensive solutions for insightful data interaction and management.

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Enhanced Engagement

Engage users with dynamic, visually rich dashboards that provide real-time, actionable insights, fostering a proactive data-driven culture.

Streamlined Reporting

Simplify the reporting process by aggregating offline and online campaign data in one place, offering a unified view that facilitates comprehensive analysis and decision-making.

Cost-Effective Distribution

Share vital business intelligence with an unlimited number of stakeholders without incurring additional costs, maximizing the value of your data investment.

Flexible Scheduling and Sharing

Automate the distribution of dashboard reports via email as live links or presentations, accommodating diverse communication preferences and needs.




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