TapClicks Channels

Empower your data narrative with TapClicks Channels, turn analytics into action, and drive your marketing success forward.


Unify Your Data, Amplify Your Story

TapClicks Channels brings you the power to weave disparate data streams into a coherent, impactful narrative. Whether you’re blending multiple sources with Custom Channels or leveraging the ease of Pre-Defined Channels, you’re equipped to tell your unique data story, streamline attribution tracking, and visualize success.



Pre-Defined Channels

Pre-defined channels in TapClicks offer ready-made data views, consolidating key metrics across marketing services for instant analysis and insights.



Ready-to-Use Insights

Access a suite of key metrics from similar services, pre-configured for immediate use, saving you time and effort.




Expandable and Adaptable

Easily integrate new or additional data sources similar to those already in use, facilitated by SmartConnector™ technology.



Diverse Channel Options

Start instantly with channels covering Display, Email, Lead Tracking, SEM/PPC, Social Media, Website/Landing Page, and SEO services.







Custom Channels

Create your own custom channels in TapClicks to merge data from various sources, creating tailored dashboards that perfectly align with your unique analytical needs and narrative.






Unified Data Storytelling

Merge data from various sources to craft a narrative that speaks volumes about your marketing efforts.




Quick-Start Analytics

Dictate which metrics matter most and how they’re displayed on your Dashboards, ensuring your data speaks your language.



Comprehensive Data Coverage

Enhance your ability to track marketing effectiveness, linking actions directly to outcomes.



Transform Data into Decisions

With TapClicks Channels, your data becomes more than numbers—it becomes the story of your success. Customizable and comprehensive, Channels provide the framework for a data-driven narrative that not only tracks but also enhances your marketing journey.

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Seamless Data Integration

Tailor how you aggregate and display data, providing a personalized analytical approach that aligns with your business objectives.

Quick-Start Analytics

Jumpstart your data analysis with channels designed to match common service categories, making it easier to expand and adapt as your needs evolve.

Advanced Data Manipulation

From social media metrics to SEO performance, capture and display the essence of your digital footprint.

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