TapClicks Report Studio

Craft compelling narratives from your data with ease and precision.


 Comprehensive Reporting with a Creative Edge

TapClicks Report Studio redefines the reporting process, enabling users to create insightful and visually stunning reports directly from their TapClicks Dashboard data. With an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, customizable color palettes, and dynamic variables tailored to each client or business unit, Report Studio transforms complex data into compelling presentations that drive decision-making and client engagement.


Elevate Your Reporting Experience


Pixel Perfect Reporting: Achieve high-quality, detailed reports that precisely match your design expectations.

Drag-and-Drop Editor: Simplify report creation with an intuitive interface that allows for easy placement of elements.

Non-Invasive Downloading: Download reports without disrupting the workflow or data integrity.

Editable PowerPoint Exports: Generate reports in PowerPoint format for easy editing, customization and presentation.

Dynamic Variables: Automatically adjust content based on the client, group, or business unit, ensuring relevance and accuracy.

Presentation Mode: Engage your audience with presentation tools similar to PowerPoint, complete with drawing tools for real-time annotation.

Shortcut Keys: Speed up your reporting process with keyboard shortcuts for efficient workflow management.

Template Gallery: Access a wide range of reporting and style templates to jumpstart your report creation.





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