TapClicks Custom Branding

Elevate your brand identity with customizable reporting and client engagement tools.

Personalize Your Platform

Custom Branding enables you to showcase your branding and messaging inside the TapClicks platform, including logos, color schemes, and more, to create a cohesive and branded user experience for your employees and/or clients.

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Basic Custom Branding: Essential Brand Integration

  • Company Logo and Color Schemes: Customize reports and dashboards with your company’s logo and colors.
  • Branded Login Screens: Tailor login screens to reflect your brand identity.
  • Personalized Welcome Emails: Send new clients branded welcome emails with your logo, specialized text, images, and videos.


Advanced Custom Branding: Comprehensive Brand Experience

  • Vanity URLs: Utilize custom URLs for a branded online presence.
  • Email Customization: Set specialized "From" and "Reply-to" email fields to maintain brand consistency in communications.
  • Custom Preferences and Application Naming: Tailor the application experience with your brand’s preferences and naming.
  • Enhanced Visual Elements: Add favicons and other brand elements for a deeper branding experience.
Strengthened Brand Identity

Enhance your brand’s presence across customer touchpoints.

Increased Client Engagement

Create a more personalized and engaging experience for your employees and clients.

Enhanced Professionalism

Project a more professional and cohesive brand image.

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