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Insights in an Instant

Manage the sharing and scheduling of reports efficiently, ensuring stakeholders are always informed and engaged. Customize schedules to automate report delivery daily, weekly, monthly, or at custom intervals, and utilize quick download/share options for immediate needs.

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Report Scheduler for Enhanced Reporting Efficiency

  • Automated Scheduling & Manual Sharing: Set up, edit, and send reports automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or manually share quick downloads and previews to maintain timely communication.
  • Comprehensive Format Support: Compatible with various formats including "Standard" reports (Data Source Overview), Dashboards, and Report Studio contents, ensuring flexibility in presentation and data delivery.


Quick Reports for Fast-Paced Decision

  • Instant Report Generation: Create and send reports immediately by filling out basic details, enabling rapid response and streamlined communication.
  • Multiple Recipients: Dispatch reports to numerous recipients simultaneously to ensure all relevant stakeholders are updated promptly.
  • EZ Login Feature: Include login links in reports, allowing recipients to access their dashboards with a single click for enhanced convenience and user engagement.
Enhanced Efficiency

Free up valuable time by automating report creation and distribution, allowing you to focus on strategic decision-making rather than manual processes.

Timely Insights

With real-time reporting capabilities, provide stakeholders the power to act quickly on the latest data, fostering a proactive approach to business challenges and opportunities.

Consistency and Accuracy

Maintain consistent reporting standards while ensuring accuracy with automated checks, giving confidence to your team and clients alike.


As your business grows, effortlessly scale your reporting processes to accommodate increasing data and analysis demands without additional resource investment.

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