TapClicks Data Source Overview

Effortlessly manage and troubleshoot your marketing data with a basic, automated dashboard.

Simplify Data Management with a Unified Overview

The TapClicks Data Source Overview (DSO) serves as a standalone dashboard, aggregating all connected data sources into a single, streamlined interface. Designed to cater to the specific needs of businesses, brands, and agencies, the DSO offers flexible filtering options to display data by individual campaigns, client groups, or entire business units, making it an essential tool for monitoring, troubleshooting, and ensuring data accuracy across third-party platforms.

Comprehensive Data Aggregation

View all your connected data sources in one dashboard, providing a holistic overview of your marketing efforts.


Flexible Filtering

Tailor the dashboard view to show data for individual campaigns, groups of campaigns, or specific clients and business units, enabling targeted analysis and management.

Troubleshooting Capabilities

Utilize the DSO to effectively troubleshoot and verify incoming campaign data, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the information retrieved from third-party platforms.




Text Transformation

Manipulate string and text data with operations like substring, concat, replace, and REGEX-based replacements, enriching your data's narrative power.

Master Your Campaign Data with Precision

The Data Source Overview brings numerous advantages to your data management strategy; your data, unified and clear.

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Enhanced Data Clarity

Gain clear, consolidated insights into your marketing campaigns, facilitating better understanding and decision-making.

Customized Data Viewing

Adapt the dashboard to meet the specific needs of your organization, whether for detailed campaign analysis or high-level business unit overviews, enhancing the relevance and utility of the displayed data.

Time-Saving Data Verification

Accelerate the process of verifying data accuracy from various platforms, ensuring reliable and timely information for reporting and analysis.

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