Analytics and Data Management

Derive Deep Analytical and Actionable Business Insights

Data Grouping/Segmentation

Divide and group data based on chosen parameters, such as location, so that you can use it more efficiently within marketing and operations. Scale and compare the performance across your parameters to analyze what strategies work.

Data Grouping/Segmentation

Normalize Naming Conventions

Add meta-data at any level (campaigns, ads, ad sets, etc.) to gain deeper insight. Divide or group data based on the tags. Normalize naming conventions, visualize, compare performance sets and share.

Calculations and Custom Metrics

Create custom metrics to show value, KPIs to stakeholders, and more. Easily create these for analysis and visualization within TapAnalytics in just a few clicks.

Be Your Own Data Scientist

Business intelligence for your whole team. Visualizations on the fly.
Uncover trends and opportunities.

Goals & Pacing

The TapClicks platform allows you to pace campaign budgets or any other metric. With Goals and Pacing, you don’t need to show just the end goal. Track progress at any point in time.

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