Gain Actionable Insights into your Business

Proactively discover hidden trends, anomalies, and opportunities. Drive growth and optimize ROI across all marketing campaigns. Outperform competitors and see further than just point-in-time performance.


Advanced Calculations

Create new fields from pre-existing data. Run calculations on your data. Gain more control and customization over how data is displayed and aggregated.

Data Blending

Tell your data story by combining data from numerous sources. Define your Dashboard metrics and visualizations.

Goals, Pacing & Budgeting

Leads Management

Give your clients a light-CRM feature so that they can track their own leads on the TapAnalytics platform.

Data Load Status

See your data connections’ status and where immediate action is needed. Stay ahead of consumer difficulties.


For extra flexibility, add margins and markups to cost fields before reporting to end customers, services, business units, or individual customers.


Automatically map your source data to the correct fields. Rules will ensure that as more assignment records come into the system, they automatically link to your client records.

Additional Features


Administrative actions can be taken programmatically via API (Manage customers, users, business units, client groups, etc.)


Specialized instances of TapAnalytics for you and your healthcare clients. Follows HIPAA rules and PII standards.

Data Profiles

Control which fields are available to your customers on their dashboards and external products such as Google Sheets, GDS, and other systems.


Provide system-generated email alerts for your data. This feature allows you to set the business rules for managing alerts.


A means to identify the marketing decisions that actually produce revenue. It’s important to help determine the success or failure of marketing campaigns.

“They helped streamline and automate the process, saving us enough in man-hours alone to achieve our ROI goals. Most importantly, we now have a tool that helps us attract new clients as well as up-sell and better retain our existing clients.”

– Greg Dowd, President
“TapAnalytics helps our clients toll up all campaign information in a single customizable dashboard, with on-demand reporting, saving a huge amount of time and effort.”

– Kevin Layton, Sr. Director Customer Success

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