Thousands of data sources connected with TapClicks for Google Sheets

TapClicks is the best in class solution for importing all of your data sources into Google Sheets.

TapFusion for Google Sheets

How it Works

Log in to your TapClicks account, connect your data sources and start consolidating your data quickly.

Step 1: Connect Your Data

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Step 2: Connect Your Data

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Google Sheets

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TapClicks Simplifies Data Aggregation

Exclusive Features

250+ connectors 

Deep integrations that no other competitors provide

Daily Scheduled fetches are free from TapClicks – no other competitor has that

Ability to bring in historical data (that no other competitor can do) – at a cost

250+ Marketing Data Sources
Social, Retargetinig, Ecommerce, Email

Value Features

TapClicks provides data pipes across different channels and they can be joined/combined in GSheets

User friendly way of querying data within your Google Sheet

Save time by bringing in data in an automated way across many marketing platforms

Certified Google Partner

Google Certified Partner

TapClicks powers GDS and Google Sheets reporting as a Certified Google Partner. Trust your data with the partner Google trusts with theirs. Our integration goes beyond GDS and Google Sheets to include analytics, reporting and AdWords campaign management. Get everything you need on a single platform.

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