TapClicks Configurable Alerts

Empower decision-making with automated, data-driven alerts tailored to your business needs.

Intelligent Alerts for Smart Marketing Decisions

Unlock the full potential of your data with TapClicks Advanced Calculations. This powerful feature allows you to dive deep into your data sources, performing sophisticated computations and creating new fields to represent your insights accurately. Gain unparalleled control and customization, transforming your data into actionable intelligence.

Customizable Alert Rules

Enable users or clients to define their own business rules for managing alerts, ensuring that notifications are precisely tuned to specific operational needs and thresholds.


Comprehensive Monitoring

Alerts can be set up to monitor a wide range of data points, from overall performance metrics to specific KPI deviations, offering a detailed view of your business's data landscape.

Immediate Notifications

Receive system-generated email alerts to stay informed about significant data changes, enabling prompt action and decision-making.




Flexible Setup Options

Create alerts directly from the Alerts page, within individual widgets on custom dashboards, or tied to specific objectives in the TapGoals module, providing versatile monitoring capabilities across your TapClicks platform.

Stay Informed with Critical Notifications

Configurable Alerts enhance your data management and operational responsiveness, and bring a multitude of benefits to your users and clients alike.

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Increased Awareness

Stay on top of critical data changes and trends, preempt potential issues and leverage opportunities as they arise.


Reduce the need for constant manual data monitoring, freeing up time for strategic analysis and business development activities.

Improved Responsiveness

Alerts monitor for data deviations and goal status, so users can quickly react to changes and optimize performance and outcomes.

Tailored Insights

Customize alerts to match specific business needs, ensuring that the notifications you receive are relevant and actionable.

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