TapClicks Auto-Assign

Automatically assign data with precision and scale your marketing operations effortlessly.


Streamline Your Client Data Integration

TapClicks Auto-Assign enhances your marketing operations by automatically assigning data from connected sources to your TapClicks clients, driven by rules to maintain accuracy as your client base expands. This feature is particularly beneficial for large installations, saving significant time and providing standardized naming during client onboarding.



Scalable Data Assignment

Automate the assignment of data from all your data sources to the appropriate TapClicks clients as your operation grows.






Ensure precise data mapping with configurable rules, enhancing consistency and reliability.




Automated Onboarding

Facilitate smoother and faster client integration into your system, making large-scale onboarding manageable.



Comprehensive Data Coverage

Reduce manual effort significantly and free up resources for strategic tasks.



Optimize Operations with Auto-Assign

With TapClicks Channels, your data becomes more than numbers—it becomes the story of your success. Customizable and comprehensive, Channels provide the framework for a data-driven narrative that not only tracks but also enhances your marketing journey.

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Operational Scalability

Easily manage increasing volumes of clients and data with automated workflows.

Enhanced Accuracy

Minimize errors with rules-based assignments, ensuring the correct data is assigned to the proper clients.

Efficient Onboarding

Accelerate the integration process for new clients with streamlined data assignment.

Resource Optimization

Allocate time and staff to more critical, value-added activities by reducing manual data handling.



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