About MWC Advertising

MWC Advertising, a strategy-based marketing agency, is a subsidiary of Midwest Communications, a family-owned multimedia company with 81 radio stations and 75 brands. MWC Advertising works with clients to build their brand identity, find their voice, identify target audiences, visualize their goals, position their brand, and create a memorable customer experience that puts their products and services at the forefront of a potential customer’s mind.

The Challenge

Prior to working with TapClicks, MWC Advertising found campaign execution and tracking to be a challenge. They relied heavily on email threading and tagging, manual checklists, and deadlines to build and implement campaigns, which led to missing creative updates, campaign pauses, and delayed renewal dates.

The Solution

Due to the success of TapClicks Dashboard Reporting that was successfully implemented in 2018, MWC Advertising turned to TapClicks for an additional solution: TapOrders. TapOrders has provided a closed-loop system that includes all steps of a campaign, from order entry to campaign completion. All relevant parties can now log in and see every detail, including all creative and tactic changes of a campaign all the way to campaign deployment.

The Result

Thousands of dollars were previously lost due to campaign errors, but teaming up with TapClicks has helped MWC reduce lost funds to nearly $0. This, in large part, is due to TapOrders’ task-driven functionality that directs consistent execution of the review, deploy, and confirm process.

Quote from Client:

“Our digital support team has found TapReports and TapOrders to be crucial to our daily operations, improving efficiency and minimizing errors. The TAP Team is knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Rhonda, Madison, and Brie are superstars! We certainly presented them with some challenges but they rallied to provide us with a variety of recommendations and executed solutions. They are definitely committed to our success.” – Kelly Gutowski, Lead Digital Campaign Administrator, MWC Advertising. LinkedIn