Accelerate your Campaign Activation Process

Use flexible, easy-to-use forms to record campaign goals, objectives, and booking information


Order forms can be changed and easily utilized for pre-sales and regular orders.

Inventory Calendar

Manage complex inventory calendars with sponsored slots, which provides exposure to high-priority events like network takeovers or newsletters. You can also reserve slots and then book them all at once.

Line Items

Add details for each product that your agency or media company sells. Allows for configurable lists or values, form calculations, and rate tier lookups.


Group line items according to billing or creative exchanges. Using line item dates, you can automatically create monthly flights.

Additional Features

Order, Task & Client Forms

Advertisers, agencies, and other stakeholders can quickly enter information to start the process of fulfilling marketing campaigns.


For ease of entry, the pre-configured form defaults to packages.

Flat File

Allows you to capture Clients, Orders, and Lines as needed in your TapClicks platform.

Form Builder

Create business unit forms including over 30 different field types and components.

Start Automating Your Marketing Data Today!

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