TapClicks Case Study: How Molo, A rapidly growing company, scaled by implementing TapClicks and saved upwards of $40K



Molio is a unique video-first agency that builds, launches, and grows other brands. Since 2014 they have created 250+ videos for 30+ brands and managed over $20 million in ad spend.


The Challenge

Molio started small, but grew rapidly, and quickly hit a big bottleneck in their service their ability to produce actionable data visualizations and analytics.

In their early years, Molio combined up to seven different tools to visualize and analyze their data. They manually extracted their video analytics data from each platform and plugged it into their own Excel pivot tables. The entire process was time-consuming. It could not replicate between clients. And it did not scale.

To continue to grow, Molio knew they needed to replace their cumbersome data extraction and analysis process with a single, complete video analytics tool.

At first, they attempted to build their own tool, but could not develop a platform with the advanced visualization features they required. Next, they searched for a vendor who offered a complete visualization platform but found that most lacked YouTube integrations and video data visualizations. They tried one popular vendor for a year but found the vendor was too expensive for their usage and required a substantial amount of work to build the custom functionality they required.

We are the Big Little Brand'. We are only about 20 people, but we do business with huge multinational brands like P&G, Tyson Foods, and Lego. We can only do this thanks to the functionality TapClicks gives us. They have exceeded my expectations as a true partner in our business.

Jeff Davis Molio Founder & CEO Jeff Davis Molio Founder & CEO


Finally, Molio discovered TapClicks and quickly partnered with the platform for three core reasons.

  1. TapClicks offered an appealing investment level for their required functionality
  2. TapClicks offered an intuitive, user-friendly interface
  3. TapClicks agreed to partner with Molio to help them develop the custom functionality they required.

Solutions Deployed

From the start, TapClicks and Molio knew they would need to join together in more of a strategic partnership than a traditional vendor/client relationship. Molio required more than plug-and-play widgets, and TapClicks leveraged Molio as a real-world use case to develop new video analytics functionality.

Molio first combined TapAnalytics and TapReports to create the foundation for their TapClicks deployment, giving them a single home to funnel all of their analytics into, and the ability to create custom dashboards for each of their unique use cases.

However, Molio made the most use out of Smart Connector to connect and upload data from Amazon and Retail. By combining their complete marketing data with their sales performance data in a single set of visualizations, Molio could see the full impact of how their marketing activities translated to real-world sales.

While it was challenging to build, TapClicks collaborated hand-in-hand with Molio, until they established every integration they needed, and could quickly and easily build any custom dashboard they required.

Business Value Delivered

Molio has deployed TapClicks for over two years. During their time, they have:

Business Value Delivered for Molio: Saved $30-40k per year, Transformed their sales process, reached the next level of their business

 About TapClicks

TapClicks, Inc. provides comprehensive marketing operations, analytics, and reporting solutions to digital marketing agencies, brands, franchises, media companies, and HIPAA-covered entities. TapClicks integrates more than 200 sources of data through its Connector Marketplace, providing marketers with the ability to analyze data from the full range of popular marketing and advertising tools in the industry. The TapClicks Marketing Operations Platform offers full-scale business intelligence, including SEO, social and PPC reporting; automated order entry; setup and approval workflows; marketing performance analysis; and the creation of interactive visual reports and presentations.