Marketing Dashboard Examples – It’s All About Obtaining Facts

Marketing is a considered art and science as well. These two aspects are meticulously reconciled by contemporary marketing experts when they measure the results of different marketing campaigns carried out using various scientific approaches.

They need to see just how well they can connect with the audiences. The marketing dashboard examples identified here are used to demonstrate facts, metrics, data and key performance indicators (KPIs) used by marketers to measure the performance of their enterprises.

Marketing Dashboard Example: Measuring website performance

There are a number of marketing dashboard examples commonly used to measure performance of a given website. Key among them is web analytics dashboard. The TapClicks dashboard breaks down data on the success of various web-based campaigns through website traffic, visits, different conversions and the particular page views.

A web analytics dashboard helps the webmaster in discovering various correlations from the previous years. You can study the performance of your website in terms of the nature and number of those who visit the site. You can tell whether your website is gaining popularity or losing just by comparing the data provided by these analytics over a period.

Details such as the kind of keywords searched on your site by visitors, the length of time stayed by them on given pages or the entire website and the links they clicked as they left the site all help you gauge the success of your marketing efforts. It could determine whether you need to change some things or improve on them.

Marketing Dashboard Example: Marketing performance

This is one of the marketing dashboard examples you can use to gauge the success of your marketing efforts. It provides a comprehensive view of the conversion funnel. It is designed to help inform various marketing campaigns and decision makings.

The conversion funnel together with other related metrics are prominently displayed on this marketing dashboard to guide marketing decision-makers as they allocate their campaign expenditure.

It is advisable that a tangible value is assigned to each market lead, web visit and gain. This is in order to correctly help marketers gauge the success of their key campaigns.

Different factors can be used here as the metrics and relevant key performance indicators. Some of these elements include purchase funnel, traffic sources and goal completion rate.

Marketing Dashboard Example: CMO Marketing Dashboard

Just at a glance, this dashboard answers the question as to how the business is performing. The CMO marketing dashboard pools together metrics from multiple sources and weaves into one a complete story of your entire marketing performance.

Of all the marketing dashboard examples, this is the most comprehensive. It measures not just a single metric. Rather, it provides an enterprise-wide assessment.

This dashboard is of great importance to top executives. When you display this information on the CMO dashboard, the executives can easily check the daily performance and influence different campaigns as they get executed. This is as opposed to providing a summary of campaign when it is too late to influence its outcome.

There are certain key points that you should consider for the purpose of this CMO marketing dashboard. The first one should be the real time updating of essential marketing metrics. They should be made accessible any time there is a question.

You also need to keep each party on the same page with a succinct dashboard. Achieve this by mounting a television with the detail on your office wall. Finally, pool together data from your various marketing sources to get a precise insight into the performance of your campaign.

Now that you see different types of marketing dashboard why don’t you try and create them for your business for free with TapClicks. Maybe you don’t have all the tools you need check out our blog about 8 Powerful Digital Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Consider Using.