TapClicks Smart Connectors

TapClicks has partnered with hundreds of data providers,
but what about sources we don’t have API connectors for?

We still access that data quickly through our Smart Connectors. You have the flexibility of multiple file types and numerous upload vehicles.

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What is a Smart Connector?

A method of integration that can quickly establish data delivery similar to our “Instant On” native feeds, without the development and build time.

How do Smart Connectors work?

The Smart Connector retrieves data nightly and ingests it into the TapClicks system. Data can be used with all your other marketing sources and segmented for easy analytics and reporting.

TapAnalytics Smart Connector

Bring all of your external data in through flat files with your own custom fields. Leverage this as a long term solution as a bridge while a deeper integration is being developed.

TapAccess Smart Connector

This innovative data delivery method allows TapClicks customers to easily retrieve data from their agency or other service partners who are also TapClicks users. The TapAccess Smart Connector preserves all the security, channel definitions and customized calculations defined in the source datasets. Just enter the TapClicks URL, username/password of your partner and the data will start flowing.

Transform & Control Your Data​

TapClicks Smart Connector is the flexible way to import offline & third-party data, no more data blocks.

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