Automate Your Marketing Data
In a Single Unified Platform

Everything you need to differentiate yourself, tell compelling campaign stories, become more efficient and scale your business.


Take charge of your campaigns

Automatically route tasks based on your business processes. You can also accelerate the time-to-ROI and streamline multiple operations to save time and resources.


Tell stories that impress

Capture orders automatically from CRM, preventing miscommunication between Sales and Operations by entering objectives and goals right at the point of sale, speeding the time to market.


Focus on the sale

Automate orders and enter client objectives and goals right at the point of sale. Connect a CRM, import files and create online forms for any product, all from one place.


Ignite your fulfillment process

Automatically route tasks based on your business processes. Accelerate the time-to-ROI and streamline multiple operations to save valuable time and resources.

Competitive Intelligence

Gain visibility into the competition

iSpionage empowers you with local SEM data intelligence to create better proposals and to win more clients. Built to scale SEO and SEM for global brands and agencies.

SEO Research

Discover an all-in-one platform

Raven Tools helps you perform site audits, rank tracking, link-building, and keyword research tied together with world-class reporting.​

Transform & Control Your Data​

TapClicks Smart Connector is the flexible way to import offline & third-party data, no more data blocks.

Automate Orders, Workflows & Accelerate ROI

Capture orders from your CRM, automating task management and updates
in real-time with email notifications and in-app alerts.

Integrate with your billing system, or make TapClicks your system of record with easy exporting of invoices.

My Queues

Organise work and manage tasks for quick and easy assignment to help fulfillment teams work efficiently.

What People Say About TapClicks

Trusted by Agencies, Media Companies, Consumer Brands and Partners

“They helped streamline and automate the process, saving us enough in man-hours alone to achieve our ROI goals. Most importantly, we now have a tool that helps us attract new clients as well as up-sell and better retain our existing clients.”

– Greg Dowd, President
“Our Implementation of TapClicks has been a game changer for us in many ways. Having the ability to offer clients a holistic visualization of their marketing campaign has allowed us to go after larger clients and bigger budgets.”

– David Rowley, Sr. Director Customer Success
“TapAnalytics helps our clients toll up all campaign information in a single customizable dashboard, with on-demand reporting, saving a huge amount of time and effort.”

– Kevin Layton, Sr. Director Customer Success

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