TapClicks Leads Management

Enhance lead tracking and conversion efficiency with our comprehensive dashboard within TapInsights.

Optimize Your Conversion Strategy

TapClicks Leads Management equips you with a user-friendly dashboard integrated into TapInsights, designed to collect, track, and automate lead management activities. This light-CRM functionality empowers your clients to monitor their leads, providing insights into the most effective attribution sources and streamlining the conversion process.

Holistic Dashboard Views

Access all your leads management data in one place, making it easier to analyze performance and identify trends.


Lead Generation and Tracking

Automatically connect with over 20 lead-generation services and utilize TapLeads™ for enhanced form-fill tracking on client web pages.

Advanced Lead Management

Manage, score, tag, and track lead activities to optimize your marketing strategies and improve ROI.


Enhance Value to your Customers with Advanced Lead Insights

Reduce ad spend and increase conversions by assessing which integrations deliver the highest leads.

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Attribution Tracking & Management

View lead sources, score leads and performance with light-CRM features, helping you and your clients make informed decisions.

Form Fill Tracking

Capture and analyze form submission data to gauge campaign effectiveness and lead quality.

Integration with External Partners

Leverage connections with external attribution partners like Callsource, Facebook Ads, and more for a unified view of lead activities.


TapClicks Leads Management offers a robust array of leads integration partners, ensuring that businesses can track and analyze leads across various channels and platforms.


 Call Tracking Providers  Marketing and CRM Platforms  Digital Advertising and Lead Generation  Form and Event Tracking  Specialized Lead Management Tools
Avanser & CallCap: Specialized in call tracking and analytics, these platforms provide detailed insights into call origins, durations, and caller intent, enabling businesses to assess the effectiveness of their voice communication strategies. Salesforce & Marketo: Leading CRM and marketing automation platforms that offer extensive lead management features, allowing for seamless tracking of customer interactions and campaign performance. Facebook Ads & Google Ads: Track leads generated from social media and search advertising campaigns, providing insights into campaign effectiveness and audience engagement. Wufoo & FreeSpree: These tools specialize in online form building and event registration, capturing lead data through submissions and sign-ups. TapLeads & TapClassifieds: Proprietary TapClicks solutions designed to track leads from form fills and online classifieds (such as Craigslist, Letgo, etc.), integrating seamlessly with the TapClicks platform for enriched lead data analysis.
CallRail & CallTrackingMetrics: Offer comprehensive call analytics solutions, including caller ID data, call recordings, and conversion tracking, helping businesses optimize their call-based marketing efforts. Twilio & Unbounce: Twilio provides cloud communication tools that support lead generation through calls and messaging, while Unbounce specializes in landing page analytics and lead capture. Responsetap & Telmetrics: Focus on measuring the impact of digital campaigns on phone call volume and quality, offering detailed metrics for evaluating advertising ROI. Icontact & Convirza for Advertisers: Offer email marketing and call analytics services, respectively, aiding in the collection and analysis of lead interactions across multiple channels.  
Delacon & DialogTech: These platforms provide advanced call analytics, including caller demographics and call outcome analysis, to improve customer interactions and ROI.        


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