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Master Your Data With Smart Connector

With TapClicks Smart Connector your data options are limitless with over 250 instant-on data integrations out of the box. Import offline and third party data. You can aggregate, design, and manage it how you need. A true custom services builder, automatic uploads in Google Drive, Dropbox, or FTP.

Don't Let Reporting Software Hold You Back

With TapClicks for agencies, find your data sources integrated with all the tools you need to report on them quickly and professionally. Turn your ideas into effective, data-driven dashboards and presentations, white-labeled for your clients.

From Order to Fulfillment, TapClicks Provides It All on
One Simple Platform

This means happier clients and more efficient teams.

Trusted by Agencies, Media Companies, Consumer Brands and Partners

Agency Case Study: Kau Media Group

TapClicks offers KMG a white-label reporting solution. “With TapClicks, KMG gives its clients continuous self-serve access to their campaign performance, reducing each team member’s time spent
on low-value client management activities.”

Kashif Khokhar, Co-Founder and CEO, KAU Media Group

Spend More Time Optimizing For Clients

Automated benchmark messaging and dashboard reports for your clients. Spend your time drilling down to uncover trends, make corrections and changes, keeping them ahead of competition.

“They helped streamline and automate the process, saving us enough in man-hours alone to achieve our ROI goals. Most importantly, we now have a tool that helps us attract new clients as well as up-sell and better retain our existing clients.”

– Greg Dowd, President
“Our Implementation of TapClicks has been a game changer for us in many ways. Having the ability to offer clients a holistic visualization of their marketing campaign has allowed us to go after larger clients and bigger budgets.”

– David Rowley, Sr. Director Customer Success
“TapAnalytics helps our clients toll up all campaign information in a single customizable dashboard, with on-demand reporting, saving a huge amount of time and effort.”

– Kevin Layton, Sr. Director Customer Success

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