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Marketing Dashboard and Reports

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Marketing Dashboard and Reports

Reporting is Critical to Agency Growth

While many agency marketers would love to just do their jobs and focus on campaign growth and measurement, we all know that you can’t improve what you don’t measure. The number of apps and platforms agencies use grows every day, and data multiplies with each new app. All this data can quickly get out of control.

TapClicks provides a central location for all of your agency’s marketing analytics. Rather than working on general conjecture and the gut feeling you get when you switch back and forth between apps, use cold hard data to prove the success of your clients’ campaigns.

Marketing Dashboard and Reports

Move from Metric Gatekeeper to Growth Enabler

On-demand dashboards let all stakeholders access data when they need it, not just during report time. Increase transparency and make clients part of your revenue growth team.

Internal Management: Executives and Agency Marketing Operations Managers can access full-agency overviews and drill down to the individual campaign, agent, or ad for full access to performance metrics.

Agents and Teams: Communicate on-demand with colleagues to pivot quickly, build cross-team trust, and solve problems before they affect the bottom line.

Clients and Client Groups: When clients have immediate access to their metrics when they need them, you can start working together for growth. Use dashboard reporting for real-time access.

Marketing Dashboard and Reports

Automated Reporting: Get Back to Marketing

Reporting takes a huge chunk out of your week, time that you could otherwise use to grow your clients’ campaigns, test and make changes, and react to the changing marketplace. Wouldn’t you (and your clients) rather your spent your time improving their campaigns? Automated reporting tools give you the best of both worlds.

Connect all your data: TapClicks has over 170 data sources, and we’re adding more every day. These connections mean that reports always stay up to date with the latest data so you can send progress reports and insights directly to your clients. Did we mention they were automatic? Choose your data connectors, your widget, and your schedule, and send reports while you catch up on sleep (you know you need it, you overachiever, you).

Combine the transparency of dashboards with the ease of automated reporting, and you’ll save hours each week.

  • Greg Dowd

    "TapClicks understands the cost and complexity of importing, managing, and reporting on marketing campaign data… TapReports helped streamline and automate the process, and will save us enough in man-hours alone to achieve our ROI goals. Most importantly, we now have a tool that helps us attract new clients as well as upsell and better retain existing clients."

    Greg Dowd

    President of Epsilon – Local

  • Daryl Hively

    "What we were doing before was cobbling together reports from all these different platforms. Then, we’d go see clients with what would look like 5 different reports that really didn’t look like they belonged together, and it really wasn’t very professional. So, now to have a report that’s integrated, that’s in a dashboard, and it comes with the customer’s branding, it really makes for a more professional presentation."

    Daryl Hively

    Founder/CEO Guarantee Digital

  • Steve Blanshan

    "Our operations and reporting teams were pulling out their hair on a daily basis trying to keep up with all the data that was coming in. Then, we found TapClicks and it has changed our life. It pulls in all of our data into one easy to access and easy to use dashboard that is both beautiful and functional. And, they are always at least four steps ahead of us on what we need from data analysis and campaign management. We would highly recommend them to everyone."

    Steve Blanshan

    PunchDrunk Digital Ad Agency

Configurable Software That Fits the Way Your Clients and Agency Teams Are Organized

Gather clients into groups based on their category, level of product offering or spend level (e.g. low vs. high revenue customers), by operations or sales manager (to see performance and how they are doing vs. peers), geographies, or however else you want to visualize data.

Drill in to uncover trends, make corrections, changes or optimizations with more more agility and stay ahead of the competition.

Split your instance based on properties or distributed teams with each their own branding to reflect the way your teams operate, and provide access in a way that matches and maintains an efficient hierarchy.

Get Faster Insights. Try TapClicks for Free.

Spend less time gathering your data. Increase client communication, reduce churn rates, and build revenue with the TapClicks Marketing Operations Platform.

Marketing Dashboard and Reports Marketing Dashboard and Reports

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