Shaving Margins & Minutes Off Your Ad Operation: 

How to maximize efficiency and potentially save up to 50% on CPM




Kevin Yamano

Jonathan Muzio

Chris Stumph

Join TapClicks and Compulse for an in-depth conversation with ConsulTV as they share their journey from operational challenges to embracing solutions that revolutionize efficiency.

 Webinar Highlights:

Efficiency Savings

Learn how to identify and eliminate hidden time and money drains within your ad operations.

Cost Reduction

Explore strategies to potentially reduce CPM costs by up to 50%, driving more sales and optimizing your media spend.

Media Planner Tool

Discover the capabilities of our powerful Media Planner tool designed to streamline workflows and enhance efficiency.

Real-World Insights

Hear from ConsulTV as they share their journey from facing operational challenges to achieving significant efficiency improvements.