TapClicks COVID-19 Worldwide Stats


We have connected European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) data to provide tracking for country profiles on Coronavirus (COVID-19), which allows you to explore the statistics on the coronavirus pandemic across the world in these uncertain times.

This report includes charts and visualizations of the present metrics and trends. Testing for COVID-19: this data is collected by the ECDC world data team from official reports, information on geographical and temporal coverage, and detailed country-by-country source information. The testing dataset is updated around twice a week.

  • Total Confirmed Cases: the availability of testing is critical to tracking and controlling the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As testing is rolled out worldwide, follow the trends by country as new cases are discovered or how social distancing is slowing the spread of the virus.
  • Hospital Beds Per 100K by Country: how many beds are available across the world to accommodate patients whose primary clinical intent is curative care (acute care).
  • Diabetes Prevalence & Death Rate From Cardiovascular Disease: the incidence of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, as it relates to worldwide populations as a potential measure of risk from COVID-19.

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