TCMO Bureau: What strength is TapClicks trying to infuse in its offerings by acquiring AdStage?

Babak Hedayati: Many CMOs and their marketing organizations have a difficult time bringing their data together into a single platform. This is critical from a campaign management perspective. By acquiring AdStage, TapClicks brings data management and campaign management even closer together by adding a layer of marketing intelligence. There is tremendous demand for cross-channel optimization solutions, particularly among senior marketers, that want to amplify their omnichannel presence to demonstrate the value of their campaigns for executives, other stakeholders, and clients. Now, customers will gain the ability to leverage AdStage's unique analytics and automated optimization solutions alongside the TapClicks Marketing Operations Platform.

As a company, TapClicks excels in delivering a unified, comprehensive, SaaS platform that provides the solutions marketers need. The company has brought together over 200 API-based data integrations and 5,000 smart connectors so marketers have seamless access to data, analytics, and intelligence without the burden or overhead associated with legacy IT investments. Our goal is to build solutions that marketers don't know they need yet, like predictive capabilities. AdStage's solutions will contribute significantly by offering unprecedented access to data-driven recommendations, insights, and forecasts to inform marketing decisions automatically. These solutions, combined with the predictive modeling and advanced AI capabilities being developed by TapClicks, will unite marketing operations and intelligence so users can seamlessly turn data into insights, insights into action, and action into success.

TCMO Bureau: What other technology tools do you think can add more value to TapClicks' unified marketing platform?

Babak Hedayati: Our vision is for one platform that delivers a full spectrum of solutions that are fundamental to successful marketing. We're integrating AI-driven capabilities for social and PPC reporting, SEO update, automated order entry, approval workflows, and marketing performance analysis. The company also focuses on the creation of interactive visual reports and presentations, paid to advertise, data management, and so much more into a unified stack. This will give marketers the capabilities to do more with analytics, intelligence, and reporting and have a single pane of glass for which they can evaluate campaign success and improve their marketing operations.

There are more than 8,000 point solutions in the martech world, and so many of the applications are redundant. TapClicks integrates specific capabilities and technologies that help customers build towards better data management and data accuracy. A key component is campaign optimization that solves attribution challenges, while at the same time informing predictive analytics and a campaign recommendation engine we're developing.

TCMO Bureau: How do you see this value add helping capture the B2B MarTech post-COVID-19?

Babak Hedayati: There was a time when marketers had the flexibility to gamble and take
risks on their marketing spend to get leads and drive e-commerce sales. Today's current landscape has changed that mentality altogether and will continue to do so post-COVID-19.
Using marketing analytics reporting and data management may have been an option. Still, now it's all about efficiency and ensuring the dollars spent are going into the right places, which also allows them to tell the story associated with their marketing spend.
We expect that any solution we bring together enables them to make decisions based on data, optimization, and helping them understand their own performance as well as their competitors.
We want to be able to help drive better results based on the spending of their clients and
stakeholders. The demand for analytics and cross-channel optimization solutions will grow as people realize that it is possible to access to a full spectrum of integrated solutions, like
TapClicks, that can help them perform and do their jobs better with more ROI for less.

TCMO Bureau: Does TapClicks provide ABM offerings? If yes, how do you plan to make them sharper in the next few quarters?

Babak Hedayati: Our focus is on building a single, unified marketing platform. This full-stack omnichannel solution rivals the capabilities of custom solutions but with the utmost efficiency and the highest ROI at the lowest cost. Marketers who use our solutions have access to unique data aggregation from more than 5,000 sources and include fully automated data warehousing, distribution, analytics, and reporting capabilities.

TCMO Bureau: How do you see the marketing stack evolving in the coming years?

Babak Hedayati: Consolidation in the marketing and advertising industry will surely
accelerate as the industry quickly evolves in response to changing business conditions and
opportunities to drive innovation. Just because there are thousands of solutions in the MarTech space, it doesn't make it easier for marketers to do their jobs effectively it just leads to the paralysis of choice. How do you know which tool is the best one? How will it impact campaign success? Will it help me improve my ROI? This is why the consolidation and integration of technologies into unified platforms will be increasingly critical. There is immense value in having your entire stack integrated and managed by a singular tool. This is what TapClicks offers through its Marketing Operations Platform more effective marketing operations management, better intelligence, enhanced ROI, and improved campaign success.

We've built the TapClicks platform through our own R&D and by acquiring several innovative companies that have helped us create a seamless offering that helps marketers optimize performance. In this past year alone, we've introduced many new capabilities across our family of solutions, including a new local SEM monitoring feature called the Local SEM Campaign Watch in iSpionage; newly enhanced reporting capabilities through our acquisition of Megalytic; and, disruptive mobile data visualization and collaboration capabilities through StatX. With the most recent acquisition, TapClicks is continually working on expanding its offerings and refining its capabilities in direct response to the needs of the industry.

Babak Hedayati, Co-Founder and CEO of TapClicks, is a serial entrepreneur having grown some of Silicon Valley's most successful companies.

Author Note: The original article was published on June 8, 2020. Babak Hedayati, CEO and Founder of TapClicks, talks to Debjani Chaudhury in an exclusive interview with TalkCMO.