sembear LLC is an independent marketing technology boutique in Tokyo. We support ad agencies and brands by advanced knowledge and reporting platform.

Two challenges in the growth of agencies

Maximize Value

To maximize the value of ad agencies, it is required to have advanced knowledge of technologies and analytical skills of metrics from reports. Sembear LLC offers the advanced and intensive educational program for advertising agencies.

Minimize Workload

Though you have advanced knowledge of technologies and analytical skill of metrics from reports, digital marketing is labor intensive business in general. sembearLLC offers TapClicks and consultation services to minimize workload to make your business scalable.

Educational Program

sembear LLC is the foremost expert of ad operations, advanced technologies and campaign management. Our trainings are widely selected by major agencies in Japan and many of graduates are leading digital marketing industry of Japan.

Examples of Educational Program

  • One on One training for Account Managers
  • Marketing Strategy workshop
  • The world most intensive training for ITP

Smart Reporting ™

sembear LLC offers “Smart Reporting™ “, the reporting service with TapClicks for ad agencies and brands. By introducing TapClicks with our expertise, we successfully reduced reporting workloads of agencies in Japan. And in some cases, we “removed” almost all workloads.

We help to create dashboards, channels and calculations to minimize your reporting workload.


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