SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES , February 29, 2024 / -- TapClicks1, the leading provider of Smart Marketing solutions, including automated data warehousing, reporting intelligence and marketing workflow management for media companies, digital marketing agencies and brands, today announced the launch of TapGoals.

TapGoals is designed to help marketers track campaign performance and provide valuable pacing insights into goals that they set. With its self-serve, user-friendly interface, TapGoals offers a comprehensive solution for tracking, pacing and analyzing campaign performance.

TapClicks users can now set pacing requirements for their budget spend, exposure (for example, impressions), engagement (e.g. clicks) or virtually any KPI (Key Performance Indicator). As the campaign progresses over time, marketers can make necessary adjustments based on feedback received from TapGoals. This insight enables marketers to achieve their business objectives more efficiently, with alerts to let users know when performance is off-pace.

“Marketers are tired of the guesswork required to achieve the goals of their marketing campaigns. We launched TapGoals so marketers can easily track progress and be notified as soon as any campaign gets too far off-track,” said Kristin Lundin, VP of Platform Solutions. “TapGoals demonstrates our commitment to help marketers achieve their business objectives via features that take the guesswork out of hitting targets.”

With TapGoals, marketers are able to set objectives for their business, and stay on top of them over time. Alerts help drive proactive intervention at the first moment performance begins moving astray. This approach provides the agility necessary for marketers to act preemptively, rather than waiting to react once campaign performance has already failed.

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