TapClicks is the leading provider of Smart Marketing Cloud solutions, including automated data acquisition, data warehousing, analytics and intelligence, reporting and marketing workflow management for media companies, digital marketing agencies, and brands. Today, TapClicks announces a free connector to Facebook Ads for GDS/Looker Studio, part of a portfolio of available connectors, including Adobe Analytics, LinkedIn Ads, Google Analytics 4, Instagram Professional, Pinterest Ads, Spotify Ads, Twitter Ads, and the 250+ Marketing and Custom Connectors package.

This powerful data connector capability, TapClicks for Looker Studio, enables marketers to collect business data from Google and non-Google affiliated platforms while using Looker Studio to create reports. TapClicks for Looker Studio delivers hundreds of dimensions and metrics for accurate analysis and visualization of this data.

Formerly known as Google Data Studio, Looker Studio is a visualization tool widely used by marketing professionals. For more information, see: /platform/looker-studio/.

We are the leader in building data connectors which are part of our flagship ELT data platform, commented Brianne Engelson, VP of Data Products at TapClicks. We are thrilled to take this technology to Looker Studio, where it will enable marketers to visualize their basic data."

Benefits of the new TapClicks portfolio for marketers include:

Don't pull data manually: TapClicks for Looker Studio connectors automate the integration of data from various sources into Looker Studio, and eliminate this otherwise time-consuming and error-prone process;

Visualize data in one place: The TapClicks for Looker Studio suite of connectors enable users to easily extract data from a wide range of sources, including social media platforms, advertising platforms, web analytics tools, and more;

Standardize formats: TapClicks for Looker Studio provides a standardized way of pulling data from various sources, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of the data being used for analysis;

Free template with every connector: TapClicks for Looker Studio extracts the data from the third-party data source and automatically transforms it into a visually appealing template in Looker Studio.

More detail on TapClicks for Looker Studio solutions is available here: /resources/blog/. TapClicks has a decade-long partnership with Google, leveraging Google Cloud Platform (GCP), GCP Marketplace, Workspace Marketplace with Google Sheets connectors, Google Ad products and Google Analytics, said Babak Hedayati, CEO and Founder of TapClicks. This has enabled TapClicks to deliver a full suite of solutions to its customers, regardless of their visualization environment.

TapClicks currently offers over 250 Instant-On connectors and over 10,000 configurable Smart Connectors deployed as part of the TapClicks Marketing Operations Platform, used by almost 3000 agencies and media companies worldwide.