SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 8, 2023 /EINPresswire. com

- TapClicks, the leading provider of unified marketing operations, analytics and reporting solutions for media companies, digital marketing agencies, brands and franchises, today announced a partnership with Advisr, provider of the leading sales operating system for B2B enterprises. 

This collaboration integrates Advisr's suite of sales planning, product recommendation and proposal generation tools with TapClicks' unified marketing operations platform, including order management and reporting solutions, eliminating gaps in the digital marketing and sales process. 

Mutual customers of the platforms can now seamlessly synchronize pre-sales data, proposals, and order-level details from Advisr with TapClicks' omnichannel order platform for post-sale OMS (order management systems) needs, dramatically improving the hand-off between sales and fulfillment teams. The integration eliminates the need for data re-entry, reduces the likelihood of human error, and dramatically speeds up the sales process. Simultaneously, quantitative campaign data from TapClicks' analytics and reporting platform is passed to Advisr, helping to inform and improve campaign recommendations in real time. 

We believe it's critical for companies like ours to play a proactive role in developing a connected ecosystem, said Quique Nagle, Co-founder and CEO of Advisr. Not enough has been done to create interoperability across marketing technology vendors. That is why we believe so strongly in our partnership with TapClicks. Our unified solution greatly enhances our customers' ability to be successful and generate more revenue. 

Automation and acceleration are critical for Ad Ops today," commented Babak Hedayati, CEO and Founder of TapClicks. "The Advisr / Tapclicks technology partnership will enable organizations to visualize the full picture of sales, fulfillment and business operations, with increased revenue, dramatically improved efficiency, and reduced time and effort spent on nonrevenue generating tasks." 

The streamlined workflow enables sales organizations to reduce headcount, better represent their product portfolio to prospective buyers, and accelerate the deployment of campaigns, resulting in greater cross-sell and upsell opportunities. The unification of the sales process from beginning to end provides our organization the ability to streamline media planning from proposal to fulfillment, said Jaime Cohen, SVP of Broadcast Digital, Salem Media Group. These efficiencies streamline our internal workflows and deliver greater ROI for our customers. 

This integration was driven by client request, and commercialized for the broader market, enhancing both parties' offerings in the order management system space. The interoperable Advisr and TapClicks solution will be broadly available in the second quarter of 2023, for immediate impact across the media sector and their clients, partners and principals. 

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