SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES , March 5, 2024 / -- Compulse2, a leading marketing technology and managed services company built for local media and agencies, and TapClicks1, a leading provider of Smart Marketing solutions, including unified marketing operations, analytics, and reporting platforms for digital marketing, today announced a strategic partnership to help their clients accelerate and manage advertising campaigns.

The partnership integrates software and services from both companies to streamline and optimize omnichannel advertising campaigns.  The integration adds functionality, eliminates the need for manual data re-entry, reduces the likelihood of human error, and dramatically speeds up the sales process, campaign creation, and go-live timelines. Simultaneously, campaign metrics from Compulse will feed into TapClicks’ analytics and reporting platform while reducing media costs and fees for all customers. 

“Local media companies and agencies need a better way to manage their rapidly growing digital business,” said Martin Kristiseter, Managing Director at Compulse. “Our joint customers no longer need costly point systems for media planning, proposal generation and omnichannel fulfillment. Our unified solution greatly enhances our customers’ ability to generate more revenue, improve profit margins, and increase operational efficiencies to future-proof their businesses.”   

The partnership between Compulse and TapClicks comes at a time when more media investments are shifting toward programmatic activation, and marketers want greater transparency on advertising ROI. Compulse and TapClicks address that demand by providing technology to enhance and streamline marketers’ workflow, delivering greater insight into where and how media dollars are being spent. The savings derived from an improved workflow and lower media costs, in turn, can be invested in more working media, allowing marketers to drive even better results. 

“Partnerships are part of our DNA,” said Chel Heler, Executive General Manager at TapClicks.  “The breadth of complementary technology and services between TapClicks and Compulse gives us an unprecedented opportunity to create a powerful end-to-end solution and generate huge efficiencies for our collective customers.” 

Executives from Compulse and TapClicks will be participating in panel discussions at the Borrell Miami Advertising Conference3, March 10-12. To set up a meeting to discuss capabilities at the Borrell conference or elsewhere, please contact Mark Zahar or Jonathan Muzio

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Compulse is a leading marketing technology and managed services company built for local media and agencies. Compulse’s platform combines sales enablement, order management, fulfillment, and analytics into one consolidated solution designed to make digital advertising easier and more profitable. For more information, visit

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