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High level is great... but you need to see the nitty gritty, too.

With more granular data capabilities than anywhere else, you finally have the lens to fully understand all layers of your business. With TapClicks, you get access to seemingly-unlimited fields, and custom-built data views as well. Our team delivers the deepest intricacies of any platform and ensure you get the most information possible.

Available Data Views

Group your data in ways you never thought of before and discover intriguing new insights. You can apply deeper insights with TapClicks—complex visualizations. Slice and dice, group and cluster. Drill down from campaign level to creative level.

Take a look at some of our more popular and out-of-the-box data fields supported. Keep checking back as we are always adding new metrics and data fields.

All Dimensions and Metrics:
Account ID Account Name
Campaign ID Campaign ID
Campaign Name Campaign Sent Date
Clicks Clicks to Open Rate
Contact Email Contact ID
Date Date Clicked
Date First Opened Date Last Opened
Delivered Delivered Rate
Estimated Forwards Estimated Text Forwards
Estimates Forwards First Opened IP
Forwards From Address
From Address ID From Name
Hard Bounce Rate Hard Bounced
Hard Bounces IP Address
ISP Complaints Is Email a Split Test?
Mail Blocks Open Rate
Opens Page Views
Plain Text Preview
Recipient Click Rate Recipients Clicked
Replies Reply Action
Reply Rate Reply to Address
Sent Sent Date
Soft Bounce Rate Soft Bounced
Soft Bounces Status
Subject Text Clicks
Text Delivered Text Forwards
Text Hard Bounces Text ISP Complaints
Text Mail Blocks Text Opens
Text Page Views Text Replies
Text Sent Text Soft Bounces
Text Unsubscribes Total Clicks
Total Delivered Total Estimated Forwards
Total Hard Bounces Total ISP Complaints
Total Mail Blocks Total Opens
Total Page Views Total Replies
Total Sent Total Soft Bounces
Total Unique Opens Total Unsubscribes
Unique Open Rate Unique Opens
Unique Text Opens Unsubscribe Rate
Unsubscribed Unsubscribes
User Agent
Account ID Account Name
Campaign ID Campaign Name
Subject From Name
From Address ID From Address
Preview Plain Text
Reply Action Reply to Address
Is Email a Split Test? Status
Sent Date Unique Opens
Unique Text Opens Total Unique Opens
Opens Text Opens
Total Opens Clicks
Text Clicks Total Clicks
Page Views Text Page Views
Total Page Views Forwards
Text Forwards Estimated Forwards
Estimated Text Forwards Total Estimated Forwards
Replies Text Replies
Total Replies Hard Bounces
Text Hard Bounces Total Hard Bounces
Soft Bounces Text Soft Bounces
Total Soft Bounces Unsubscribes
Text Unsubscribes Total Unsubscribes
ISP Complaints Text ISP Complaints
Total ISP Complaints Mail Blocks
Text Mail Blocks Total Mail Blocks
Sent Text Sent
Total Sent Recipients Clicked
Delivered Text Delivered
Total Delivered Delivered Rate
Open Rate Unique Open Rate
Unsubscribe Rate Reply Rate
Hard Bounce Rate Soft Bounce Rate
Recipient Click Rate Clicks to Open Rate
Account ID Account Name
Campaign ID Campaign Name
Subject Status
Contact ID Contact Email
IP Address Date Clicked
User Agent
Keyword Date
Account ID Account Name
Campaign ID Campaign Name
Subject Status
Campaign Sent Date Contact ID
Date First Opened Date Last Opened
First Opened IP Contact Email
Total Opens Page Views
Total Clicks Forwards
Estimates Forwards Total Replies
Unsubscribed Soft Bounced
Hard Bounced Date

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