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High level is great... but you need to see the nitty gritty, too.

With more granular data capabilities than anywhere else, you finally have the lens to fully understand all layers of your business. With TapClicks, you get access to seemingly-unlimited fields, and custom-built data views as well. Our team delivers the deepest intricacies of any platform and ensure you get the most information possible.

Available Data Views

Group your data in ways you never thought of before and discover intriguing new insights. You can apply deeper insights with TapClicks—complex visualizations. Slice and dice, group and cluster. Drill down from campaign level to creative level.

Take a look at some of our more popular and out-of-the-box data fields supported. Keep checking back as we are always adding new metrics and data fields.

All Dimensions and Metrics:
Active In TapClicks Ad Size
AdGeo ID Agent Billing Amount
Agent Commission Agent Or Customer
Answer Status Bill To Term Or Bill To CTN
Billable Call Duration Billable Calls
CDR Ad Name CDR Advertiser Name
CDR Billable Flag CDR Call ID
CDR Client Number CDR Directory
CDR Directory Code CDR End Date
CDR Heading CDR Org
CDR Org/Ad Type CDR Pub Date
CDR Publisher CDR Start Date
Call Answer Date/Time Call Date
Call Duration Call Duration (sec)
Call End Date/Time Call Record
Call Start Date/Time Call Tracking Number
Caller Address Caller City
Caller DNC Caller Name
Caller Number Caller State
Caller Type Caller Zip
Campaign Name Campaign Type
Category Client Brand
Client Code Client Name
Commission Cost
Cost Per Call Date
Directory Heading
Interim Line Assigned Invoice Date
Invoice Status Key
Line Charge Per Minute Line Charges Per Minute
Line Flag Location Name
Location Number Markup
Markup by Call Master Client Code
Monthly Line Cost Net Rate
Net Rate Amount Net Rate Total
Original Campaign PMP Bill
PPC Telco PPC or Sub
PYP Heading Program Name
Pub Funded u00ad Pub Gross
Pub Gross Rate Pub Net
Pub Net Rate Pub Net Total
Publisher Publisher Gross Total
Ring Count Salesman
Secondary Billable Call Duration Secondary Dedupe Code
Secondary PPC Billable Secondary Unanswered Billable
Sub Client Code Sub Publisher
Telco Termination Number
Uniqueness Key
Uniqueness Key Master Client Code
Client Name Client Code
Sub Client Code Sub Publisher
Pub Gross Rate Markup
Cost Ad Size
Call Tracking Number Call Duration (sec)
Billable Calls Termination Number
Pub Net Rate Caller Number
Answer Status Caller Name
Caller Address Caller City
Caller State Caller Zip
Telco Category
Heading PYP Heading
Call Date Net Rate Amount
Commission Agent Commission
Agent Billing Amount Agent Or Customer
Salesman Call Duration
Call Answer Date/Time Call End Date/Time
Ring Count Caller Type
Caller DNC CDR Org
CDR Org/Ad Type CDR Advertiser Name
CDR Client Number CDR Ad Name
CDR Directory CDR Directory Code
CDR Publisher CDR State
CDR Pub Date CDR Start Date
CDR End Date Invoice Date
Invoice Status CDR Call ID
Key PPC Telco
Call Record Billable Call Duration
AdGeo ID Call Start Date/Time
Client Brand Publisher
Program Name Secondary Billable Call Duration
Line Flag Interim Line Assigned
Monthly Line Cost Line Charge Per Minute
Location Number Location Name
Pub Funded u00ad Secondary Dedupe Code
Secondary Unanswered Billable Campaign Type
Bill To Term Or Bill To CTN Campaign Name
Secondary PPC Billable Pub Gross
Net Rate Pub Net
CDR Billable Flag Active In TapClicks
Original Campaign PPC or Sub
Line Charges Per Minute Directory
Cost Per Call Pub Net Total
Publisher Gross Total PMP Bill
Net Rate Total Markup by Call

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