About V Digital

As one of the fastest-rising digital marketing agencies in the country, V Digital Services (VDS) operates in more than 300 American cities, offering premier white-label solutions for a growing number of affiliated media entities and agencies.

The Challenge

V Digital Services was looking for a holistic omni-channel marketing report experience for their clients. Specifically, they needed an all-inclusive marketing dashboard where they could pull all advertising data into one place, including display, CTV, audio, email campaigns, etc.

The Solution

TapClicks helped VDS run one dashboard for all of their clients and provided the granular controls they needed. TapClicks’ solutions have also given them complete flexibility and ownership with regard to how they report back to their clients on campaign results and performance.

The Result

As a result of their partnership with TapClicks, VDS now has access to an all-inclusive marketing dashboard solution for their clients, helping VDS to view all advertising metrics for their clients in one place, significantly streamlining their reporting and ad management process. VDS is looking forward to using TapClicks Goals and Alerts,  to highlight the gap between current and desired future campaign performance, enabling them to proactively indicate whether campaigns are on-target or off-pace.


Quote from Client:

“Having a holistic omni-channel reporting solution with enhanced marketing capabilities has helped us become more efficient with our time and resources, while also providing best-in-class reporting and dashboards for our clients. Our clients can review data and campaign performance in real time through an easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard. At the same time, our internal teams can utilize the platform to understand campaign performance and make necessary adjustments to ensure campaign results are achieved.” – Megan Esposito, Director of Agency Services, V Digital.