About Discover the Palm Beaches

Originally formed in 1983 as a nonprofit entity, Discover The Palm Beaches is the official destination marketing organization (DMO) for Palm Beach County, Florida. Discover The Palm Beaches is responsible for marketing all 39 municipalities in Palm Beach County to their target markets, including other parts of Florida, Georgia, New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, and more.

The Challenge

Prior to working with TapClicks, Discover The Palm Beaches worked with separate vendors for display, TV, audio, and various other digital marketing initiatives. They were spending a lot in management fees through each of the separate vendors and didn’t have a holistic dashboard where they could view all marketing metrics in one place.

The Solution

They now have a dashboard in place that allows them to see views, spend, impressions, engaged users/sessions, and various other metrics to show the impact in line with performance on their website. Their digital media ad spend is seven figures per year, and having the ability to assess which campaigns are successful and those that should be adjusted has been extremely beneficial when providing reports to their stakeholders.

The Result

Only one year after partnering with TapClicks, Discover The Palm Beaches had record visitation in Palm Beach County, totaling 9.2 million visitors in 2022. With 60% of Discover The Palm Beaches’ paid budget being spent in digital, TapClicks played a significant role in helping to better optimize their digital spend and ultimately driving record visitation.

Quote from Client:

“TapClicks plays an integral role in our day to day operations from a paid media perspective. With 60% of our paid budget being spent on digital, TapClicks undoubtedly had an impact on driving record visitation for us in Palm Beach County last year. They are a great partner and have helped drive our marketing strategy. We would not have been as successful as we have been with our paid digital advertising efforts without the support of Ashiq Shaik, Andrew Villanueva, and the rest of the team at TapClicks!” – Bryan Glynn, Sr. Director, Digital Marketing, Discover the Palm Beaches.