CASE STUDY: glassCanopy

glassCanopy’s Reporting Process Now Takes ⅓ of Time After Partnership with TapClicks

About glassCanopy

glassCanopy is a specialized B2B marketing agency based in San Francisco that specializes in IT Infrastructure, cybersecurity, and non-pharma marketing to doctors and hospitals. They are pros at marketing hard-to-describe products to hard-to-find audiences through digital campaigns and content marketing.

The Challenge

Prior to joining TapClicks, reporting was a major pain point for glassCanopy. Every week, they spent 3-4 hours pulling data from various CRMs and inputting the metrics into Google Sheets and Excel.

The Solution

glassCanopy hired TapClicks to provide an automated reporting system that eliminated manual data entry into Excel/Google Sheets. TapClicks provided glassCanopy’s clients with unique logins to view their marketing dashboards on their own so they no longer have to wait until they receive a report from glassCanopy each week.

The Result

As a result of glassCanopy’s partnership with TapClicks, it now takes ⅓ of the time for glassCanopy to conduct reporting. Quarterly and weekly reporting is no longer a pain point, and glassCanopy can pull up the live TapClicks dashboard and view metrics as needed during meetings and calls with clients.

Quote from Client:

“I have used dashboards in the past where I wasn’t sure if the numbers were being reported correctly. I haven’t had that problem with TapClicks. Having the data presented in an easy-to-use way has helped me significantly cut down the time spent pulling reports and step back and analyze the numbers in front of me. I am also no longer overwhelmed by the reporting process. I now have time to work with my clients and explain the trends and insights in the data vs. spending tons of time pulling manual reports. It has really helped me see the forest from the trees.” – Amelia Emr, Senior Analyst, glassCanopy. LinkedIn