CASE STUDY: iNC & Delacon

Digital Media Ad Agency iNC Increases Call to Meeting Ratio Since Partnering with TapClicks and Delacon

About Delacon

Delacon is dedicated to providing world-leading call tracking, call management, and speech analytics solutions. Delacon works with businesses, enterprises, agencies, and government organizations globally to measure advertising campaign performance and help clients confidently optimise campaigns. With over 20 years of expertise in telecommunications, and specialising in cloud-based technologies that improve business performance through in-depth call-data analysis, Delacon is a premier call tracking and speech analytics provider based in Australia.

Delacon's feature-rich tracking products ensure the entire customer journey is captured, from inception to the phone call and beyond, providing clients with access to valuable insights that optimise marketing resources and internal operations. Delacon's powerful Speech Analytics technology takes a closer look at the types of calls customers receive and transcribes those calls to reveal the nature of each conversation. Delacon enables customers to identify keywords, categorize calls, develop lead scores, calculate call conversion rates, and much more. Delacon's solutions are easy to use and provide rich, highly relevant data that easily integrate into CRMs, Google products and a plethora of marketing applications and analytical tools. Delacon has a thorough understanding of various industry models and will help select products that are successfully proven to assist businesses. They realise that no two clients are the same, and tailor their selection of products and services to suit a company's individual needs.

About iNC Digital Media

iNC Digital Media is an independent digital media advertising agency with expertise in media buying, planning, and creative design. They are dedicated to connecting clients with new customers while delivering results in a way that's simple, scalable, and trackable using sophisticated, proprietary, and highly innovative technology. iNC demystifies the digital landscape using best-in-field experts to generate greater return for their clients.

Combining native and proprietary multi-platforms, iNC uncovers meaningful data, drives actionable insights, and unlocks powerful marketing intelligence to help clients minimise advertising spend. They achieve greater scale, learnings, optimisations and ultimately performance for clients' campaigns with the utmost transparency using a digital ad operations framework. The team at iNC are experts at creating sustainable, long-term business partnerships and are committed to amplifying their clients' message with accountability and transparency. Furthermore, they have developed a digital ad operations framework maximising brand safety beyond industry standards and best practices.

The Challenge

Prior to partnering with Delacon and TapClicks, iNC didn't have a platform in place that offered holistic phone call activity and conversion metrics to clients. As a digital media advertising agency, it was imperative that iNC deliver a broad range of trackable marketing metrics, including phone call tracking.

iNC wanted to provide clients with a platform to listen to and categorize phone calls and assess which calls had the highest success rate. iNC also wanted to offer insights into which specific keywords and website activity led customers to make a phone call and, ultimately, a sale.

Beyond phone call tracking, iNC needed a dashboard that helped their clients see all marketing data in one place, including campaign analytics from social media, Google ads, and all other advertising metrics. Having all campaign analytics in one easy to use dashboard would help iNC clients assess customer conversions and determine which marketing campaigns delivered the highest results.

The Solution

iNC partnered with Delacon and TapClicks to help their clients view all call reporting metrics in one place, along with other data sources. Phone call-related performance data is pulled from Delacon into TapClick's easy-to-use dashboard through an Instant-On Connector which helps iNC view both internal phone call metrics and provide call data to their client base.

iNC clients now have access to a telecommunications platform that offers phone call recording, tracking, and performance information as well as intel on which keywords, website visits, and advertising campaigns led to a phone call or sale. Delacon's call tracking, call management, and speech analytics solutions are easily accessible within the TapClicks dashboard, helping iNC clients listen to and categorize phone calls and assess which marketing campaigns deliver the highest return.

Beyond phone calls, the TapClicks dashboard provides iNC clients with the opportunity to assess a broad range of marketing metrics, including social media advertising, Google Analytics, email marketing, and more. Assessing performance across several channels and understanding how social media, Google ads, and other campaigns lead to a successful sale is a powerful offering that helps set iNC apart when pitching clients.

The Result

As a result of iNC's partnership with Delacon and TapClicks, iNC clients can now view a wide range of essential insights, including average call time, total number of calls, company name, client name, keywords, Google Ad campaigns leading to a phone call, and much more. iNC clients can also listen to and assess phone call recordings, allowing for even more in-depth analysis. TapClicks designed the reporting tool so metrics can be displayed or hidden as needed, making it easy to format depending on the campaign. iNC clients can also sort metrics in ascending or descending order and display the data in a way that works best for their clients' campaign goals. Additionally, iNC clients have the option to view key metrics in an automated report or through a live dashboard.

Beyond providing phone call and marketing metrics to their clients, iNC also uses the platform as an internal business intelligence tool to assess conversions and ad operations. Due to the ability to conduct conditional calculations within the TapClicks dashboard, iNC assesses Delacon phone call tracking internally to produce bespoke reporting each month.

TapClicks has provided iNC clients with a scalable, easy-to-use, SaaS dashboard solution that empowers them to make insightful marketing decisions by viewing all phone call tracking data from Delacon in one easy to use platform. By collecting both web and call data in one system, iNC clients can now effectively analyze their online campaign performance and make informed marketing decisions that generate a higher return on investment for their clients.

Quote from Client:

Clients can now log into the TapClicks dashboard to view phone call metrics from Delacon and assess insights from hundreds of other marketing channels in one place. Due to our ability to refine campaigns and conduct AB testing, most of our clients see an increase in sales and revenue very quickly after they've onboarded with us. TapClicks and Delacon are two critical tools we use for that purpose. - Tasha Velican, Analytics Director, iNC Digital Media. LinkedIn