Here’s a breakdown of the two key terms:

  • Generative AI: In marketing, generative AI can be used to create things like personalized ad copy, product descriptions, executive summaries, or even social media posts.

  • Data aggregation: In marketing, data aggregation is used to gather and converge information about customers, their preferences, and their interactions with your brand.

Generative marketing aggregation is a relatively new concept that combines the power of generative AI with data aggregation. When you put these two things together, generative marketing aggregation becomes a way to better use AI. By automatically creating personalized marketing content based on the data you have about your customers an inevitable streamline of marketing workflow and personalized customer experience arises. Considering that the modern marketing landscape is drowning in data. From social media engagement to website traffic, campaigns generate constant streams of metrics that can be overwhelming to understand, let alone summarize for executive-level decision-making. 



Enter TapClicks Generative Marketing Aggregation – which tackles this issue head-on by unlocking the power of AI to generate impactful executive summaries, transforming complex data into clear, actionable insights. TapClicks' Generative Marketing Aggregation is more than just automated summaries. While ChatGPT generates key insights from your data, TapClicks empowers you to tailor these summaries to resonate with your specific audience. All the while your data is taken care of as TapClicks customizable reports allow the integration of your expert knowledge to ensure your executives receive the most relevant and impactful information.



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