It’s not every day that you find the movers and shakers of the advertising world under one roof, sharing insights, forecasting trends, and shaping the future of the industry. But at the Borrell Advertising Conference in Miami this year, that’s exactly what happened. The TapClicks team was there in full force, not just to soak in the wisdom but to actively participate in shaping the discourse.
Two of our very own leaders had the honor of speaking at the conference, Executive General Manager, Chel Heler, and SVP of Enterprise Solutions, Michael Jolly. Here, they were able to share stages with other eminent figures in advertising and media. Their presentations echoed the innovative spirit of TapClicks, spotlighting our dedication to leveraging technology in crafting effective, dynamic advertising strategies.
Executive Manager Chel Heler took the stage for the Rapid-Fire Case Studies panel, delivering insights and announcing our new ‘Smart Marketing’ campaign. Chel's discussion highlighted TapClicks’ innovative strategies and features that have made us leaders in the marketing and advertising industry. Chel Heler shared, "We wanted to show everyone at Borrell TapClicks is not just a tool but a comprehensive ecosystem that enhances marketing efficiency and effectiveness. Our ‘Smart Marketing’ approach showcases how we empower our customers with everything they need from start to finish. This is just a glimpse of how TapClicks is shaping the future of marketing, reinforcing our status as the quintessential one-stop shop for all marketing needs."
SVP of Enterprise Solutions Michael Jolly also contributed his expertise at the panel on "Why 2024 Is Becoming a Breakout Year for OTT - And How To Capitalize On It." Michael's insights into the dynamic world of streaming video painted a vivid picture of the current landscape and its vast opportunities. He discussed how political advertising is creating a seismic shift towards OTT, emphasizing the enhanced targetability and effectiveness that this medium offers. Michael Jolly remarked, "The shift towards OTT is not just a trend; it's a strategic realignment of where advertising dollars are most effective. 2024 is the year we see this shift take full form, offering unprecedented opportunities for those ready to innovate and adapt at a local level."
These sessions not only allowed us to share the TapClicks vision but also to engage deeply with the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the advertising realm. The insights from Chel and Michael weren't just presentations; they were conversations that invited others to rethink their strategies and embrace the evolving digital landscape.
But it wasn't just about sharing our insights. The Borrell Miami 2024 Conference was an unparalleled opportunity for us to network with industry leaders, learning from their experiences and sharing our own visions for the future of advertising. The exchange of ideas was as broad as it was deep, covering the latest trends, tools, and tactics in advertising. Our team attended numerous sessions and panels, each designed to delve into the pressing challenges and opportunities within today’s advertising landscape. These gatherings weren't just about passively absorbing information; they were interactive, engaging forums where we could contribute our knowledge and perspectives.
Beyond the formal agenda, the Borrell Advertising Conference was a vibrant hub for networking. It's one thing to connect with industry leaders and peers over email or social media; it’s quite another to exchange ideas face-to-face, share a laugh, and build lasting relationships. Our team took full advantage of this, ensuring we left with not just insights and knowledge, but with valuable new connections that could shape the future of TapClicks.
This conference underscored a crucial fact: in a fast-evolving field like advertising, continuous learning and networking are not just beneficial; they are essential. The insights garnered from the sessions and the personal connections made have equipped us with new tools and perspectives to bring back to our work at TapClicks. They’ve inspired us to not only adapt to the changing landscape of advertising but to strive to be at the forefront of that change.
As we reflect on our time at Borrell Miami 2024, we are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to participate in such a seminal event. It was a reminder of the vibrant community that we’re a part of, and of the collective endeavor to drive the advertising industry forward. We left Miami more knowledgeable, more connected, and more inspired than ever. Here's to taking these learnings and turning them into action.
Until next time, Miami, thank you for the memories, the insights, and the opportunities.




Stay tuned to our blog for more insights from our adventures in the world of advertising. And if you were at the conference and missed connecting with us, it’s never too late! Drop us a line, or connect with us on any of our socials and let’s explore how we can shape the future of advertising together.


Check Out Some Snapshots of the TapClicks Team at Borrell!