Julie Hauck and Amy Oliver have watched 2060 Digital scale tremendously over the past several years. Julie, who is senior director of partner success, and Amy, who is director of social media, have spent the majority of their careers looking to find efficient solutions to common problems in the digital advertising industry.

2060 Digital serves SMBs (small to medium sized businesses) across the United States. With a central hub located in Cincinnati and additional locations in all corners of the U.S., they’re a prime case study for how TapClicks can help a digital agency easily manage their accounts, run analytics, and operate at scale.

We sat down with Julie and Amy to ask what it was like when they first joined the team at 2060 Digital, and to learn how TapClicks has contributed to their impressive growth.

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Before TapClicks Social Media Dashboards

Early on, reporting at 2060 Digital was a time-consuming part of their process. Hours were spent building decks for each client in PowerPoint using screen grabs, exporting data to Excel, and running manual calculations. To manage this, they primarily reported on the native insights each social network provided.

Consistent Formatting in Their Reports Was a Challenge

Without plug and play report templates, strategists would each create their own client reports. Maintaining a consistent appearance was a challenge. With different team members collaborating to build the reports, they could come out looking slightly different each time.

As an agency who is always striving for perfection, a consistent look and feel was a high priority for the 2060 Digital team.

Last Minute, Special Requests for Reports Were Difficult to Execute On

It would take their team several hours to put together each client’s standard monthly report. Inevitably, some clients would have special requests that would require additional time. If a report was ever requested at the last minute, such as for a spontaneous client meeting, it would often be quite challenging to fulfill. Julie and Amy knew there had to be a better way.

Life with TapClicks

Example of a TapClicks social media dashboard.
Example of a TapClicks social media dashboard.

The realization that reporting should be more efficient was a key insight that Julie and Amy recognized. A better process is something that would allow 2060 Digital to grow without the regularly-associated pains. By adapting the TapClicks dashboard and reporting tool into their operation, their team’s ability to streamline reporting allowed them to take on more social media accounts and handle important last-minute requests with ease.

Reporting and Analysis Became Automated and Scalable with TapClicks Social Media Dashboards

During the onboarding process, 2060 Digital partnered with TapClicks to look at their old reporting system and discussed the metrics they wanted to share with clients. The team at TapClicks took those insights and recreated their manual reports in the Tapclicks dashboard. Additional functionality was added as well once they saw the range of reporting options that were available.

With the help of the TapClicks onboarding team, they chose widgets, connected platforms, and ensured they built a dashboard that would support 2060 Digital’s team — and most importantly, their clients.

When the setup and onboarding process was complete, 2060 Digital had a master social media dashboard that would only require minor tweaks for clients with special reporting needs. This has streamlined their reporting which is now almost entirely automated. If any changes were necessary, team leads were able to use the dashboard tools to include key insights.

Note: Paired with social media management tools like Hootsuite to schedule posts and publish to social profiles, the workflow of social media managers becomes ever more efficient.

6 Valuable Benefits 2060 Digital Has Experienced Since Onboarding with TapClicks

1. An Accessible Support Team

The onboarding process taught the team much of what they needed to succeed with TapClicks, but they can still lean on their dedicated customer success manager when they need additional help or feedback. They have a go-to contact when it comes to all things TapClicks, and they hold periodic calls to go over needs, handle any concerns, and continue to optimize their marketing efforts.

2. Managing Permissions is Easy — Only Approved Admins Can Make Global Changes

Managing user permissions is important when private data is involved, and TapClicks makes it easy. For 2060 Digital, only specific admins have the ability to edit and change dashboards. This ensures consistency, and ensures only approved team members can make changes to dashboard templates.

3. Dashboards Include More Than Just Social Platforms (Clients See Real-Time Updates for All Digital Marketing Channels in One Place)

All of 2060 Digital’s marketing data is in one central hub in TapClicks, making it very easy for clients to see and understand the value 2060 brings to them. If a client is signed up for additional services (e.g., display advertising, SEO, or paid search), they can see those metrics right alongside their social media performance.

Plus, 2060 Digital includes an executive summary where the team members who are executing the campaigns can add notes. This helps tell a story, and adds meaning to the data.

4. Comparing Data from Different Social Accounts is Easy

Most social channels report slightly different numbers that can be challenging to compare, especially when working with varying content types like tweets and Facebook ads.

2060’s dashboard lets them connect all of their social networks into one tab instead of breaking them down separately. This allows their clients to compare data from Facebook analytics, Twitter analytics, LinkedIn analytics, and other social platforms in one central hub — as well as connect Google Analytics to see how users are behaving on their websites when they arrive there via social.

5. Reallocating Budget to the Highest-Performing Social Media Platform(s) is Seamless

Utilizing a combined dashboard allows their team to compare each network and see which is performing best, and where the results are most cost-efficient. With the help of TapClicks, it’s easier to track KPIs and make important budgeting decisions on the various platforms. For example, if a client’s Twitter account has been performing particularly well, they can quickly identify the opportunity and shift more of the budget into Twitter ads.

6. Delivery of Reports is Easily-Customizable to Their Clients’ Needs

Each client has access to their dashboard in TapClicks and can download the report, or have it emailed to themselves. This allows their team to set up their own specific parameters for clients.

Using TapClicks Has Created Clear Wins for 2060 Digital and Their Clients

One eCommerce Client Could Now See Thousands of Dollars of ROI Right from Their Dashboard

Calculating ROI is crucial, but getting an accurate number can be a complicated process. The good news? TapClicks is making it easier than ever before!

By placing purchase information, purchase value, and ROAS (return on ad spend) right at the top of the dashboard for one of their eCommerce clients, it was easy to see exactly how much revenue 2060 Digital had generated.

The client quickly realized they were getting thousands of dollars in ROI from working with 2060 Digital and were eager to not only continue the partnership, but increase their investment. In addition to having the ability to prove their value to clients, TapClicks allowed 2060 Digital to deliver more value to clients as well.

Earning 3x Better Ad Performance with the Insights They Gained in TapClicks

In another instance, the social media team began testing Pinterest ads to see how they would perform. The assumption was that they would see positive results since the client’s organic social presence on Pinterest had been performing well.

However, when they saw the raw numbers right next to each other in TapClicks they realized that the ROI on Facebook was 3x better than Pinterest. Even though they had money allocated for Pinterest advertising in the future, they were able to identify a better way to use that money.

The ability to see these insights quickly leads to more efficient spending, better results, and most importantly, happy clients.

The Bottom Line

With the help of TapClicks, Julie, Amy, and their colleagues at 2060 Digital were able to simplify the reporting process of their social media marketing and focus on the part of their job they value most: serving their clients.

They’ve been able to visually communicate their value to clients, perform analysis, focus on social media strategy, and most importantly, bring in new business. TapClicks has been an instrumental tool that has contributed to 2060 Digital’s ability to scale and become the powerhouse national agency that they are today.

If you’re ready to save time, and money, while creating space in your company to scale, it may be time to give TapClicks a try. Test out our 14 day free trial today.

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