Get the Most Out of Google Analytics 4 with TapClicks

TapClicks plus Google Analytics 4

April 28, 2023

With so many new features and changes, G4 can be overwhelming to navigate. But don't worry, TapClicks is the only source you need to get the most out of Google Analytics 4.

What is Google Analytics 4? 

GA4 is the newest version of Google Analytics, designed to provide more powerful insights and better measurement capabilities. With GA4, you can track user behavior across multiple platforms, including web, mobile, and even offline. Plus, it offers advanced machine learning models to help you uncover new opportunities and improve your marketing strategies.

Change can be scary. With all of these benefits come some challenges, especially when it comes to data integration and historical lookbacks.

That's where TapClicks comes in.

Benefits of Using TapClicks with GA4

1. Combine Data from Universal Analytics and GA4 through TapClicks' Channels Feature

The first thing to know about TapClicks' capabilities is that we can "marry" (or combine) data from Universal Analytics and GA4 through our Channels feature. TapClicks' Channels feature is a powerful tool that enables users to aggregate data from multiple sources. Users can view all of their data in one centralized location, providing a comprehensive view of their marketing performance.

By leveraging TapClicks' Channels feature to bring together all of your data sources, including Universal Analytics and GA4, you can get a more complete understanding of your marketing performance and make more informed decisions to drive business growth.

2. Identify Trends in Your Data

With the ability to combine data from both versions of Google Analytics, TapClicks makes it easy for users to compare performance across different time periods and identify trends in their data. By visualizing this data in an intuitive and customizable dashboard, users can quickly and easily gain insights into their marketing performance and make data-driven decisions to optimize their campaigns.

3. Access GA4 Data in Real Time or Store for Later Use

We offer both a live and stored GA4 connector, providing the most flexibility for data collection and reporting. You can access your GA4 data in real time or store it for later use, depending on your needs.  The live connector means you can access GA4 data in real time to make data-driven decisions on the fly. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that need to respond quickly to changes in their marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, the stored connector provides a way to save GA4 data for later use. This is useful for businesses that need to analyze data over a longer period of time or for those who want to keep a historical record of their marketing performance. With the stored connector, users can also perform complex analyses on their GA4 data, such as trend analysis and forecasting.

Whether you need real-time access to your GA4 data or want to store it for later use, TapClicks' live and stored GA4 connector provides flexibility in analyzing your data. By leveraging this feature, businesses can gain deeper insights into their marketing performance and make more informed decisions.

4. Historical Lookbacks Beyond 14 Months (TapClicks is the Only Solution that Offers This)

And finally, TapClicks has the ONLY solution for effective historical lookbacks. GA4 only allows for a 14-month lookback period, whereas TapClicks stores your GA4 data for all time. This means that if you want reliable historical lookbacks, you can only do that through our platform. If you need to analyze historical data beyond the 14-month period, you can rely on TapClicks to provide you with that data. By storing all of your GA4 data, you can ensure that you never lose important information and can track your marketing performance over the long term.

TapClicks can help you keep a long-term perspective on marketing performance. For example, if you want to track the effectiveness of a marketing campaign over several years, you need to be able to access historical data beyond the 14-month period allowed by GA4. With TapClicks, you can store all of your GA4 data for as long as you need, giving you the ability to analyze and report on historical performance and trends.

By using TapClicks to store all of your GA4 data, you can also reduce the risk of data loss or corruption. If you store your GA4 data in-house, there's always a risk that your data could be lost due to hardware failure or human error. By entrusting your data to TapClicks, you can rest assured that your data is secure and accessible whenever you need it.

Final Thoughts

At TapClicks, our goal is to help you get the most out of Google Analytics 4. With our powerful platform, you can easily integrate your data, gain valuable insights, and make data-driven decisions. Don't miss out on the opportunity to improve your marketing performance. Try TapClicks for free today and start maximizing your GA4 data.