When it comes to digital marketing, lack of tools is not theproblem. Not so long ago, access to data was something we longed for. Today, we have data overload tools stacked upon tools. Instead of dissecting Google's latest update or crafting our newest integrated marketing campaign we report. And report. And report some more. When did being anExcel wizard and dedicating half of one's work life to spreadsheet reportingbecome a prerequisite formodern digital marketing?

Blasphemy I tell you.

Reporting Doesn't Have to be a Nightmare

Do you use site analytics, dosome PPC advertising, a few social media campaigns? Maybe even track phone calls? Want to consolidate that information into a single dashboard for actionable information at a glance? That's why we created TapClicks to solve our own digital marketing struggles. But don't take our word for it here are the top five benefits of having a digital marketing dashboard to consolidate your marketing campaign data.

1. Reduce Time-consuming Manual Tasks

Wouldn't it be great if AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., all exported the same data in the same format?No matter how skilled your staff is, it takes a great deal of time to extract, manipulateand organize reportdata. Consolidate this time drain with a dashboard that can automate your reports what you do with all that newly found free time is up to you.

2. Improve Accuracy

No matter how good your analyst, they are human and humans make mistakes. Or lose sleep after submitting their month end reports, wondering if they copied that last excel formula correctly. This potential for error and questioning of accuracy is something that can be eliminated with automated reports. TapClicks allows users to customize their reports to accurately report data from multiple services. This saves time, money and the sanity of your business analyst.

3. Holistic Insight and Analysis

Doing well with AdWords but struggling with Facebook? Wouldn't it be easier to tell if the reports were consolidated in a single dashboard vs in different layouts on different platforms? With TapClicks you get a holistic apples-to-apples comparison of all your campaigns and make decisions based on data, not guesses. Whether you are using 5 or 35 marketing services, we can accommodate your needs. See our ever growing list of c urrently available service integrations.

4. ManageEver ChangingWorkloads and Focus Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing is far from boring as such, fires are often the norm. While we can't solve the unpredictable nature of marketing and the workloads that come with it, we can answer questions from the corner office (as long as it's about your marketing data. We have no idea who finished the coffee and didn't start a new pot, honest). And we move fast too with the introduction of widgets into our platform, you can now slice and dice available data to answer all the hard questions&as long as they are about your digital campaigns we have no insight as towhy there is only non-fat milk for coffee. That's a cruel and unfair joke especially Monday morning.

5. Increase Productivity and Cut Costs

Let's be practical for a moment. Time is money. Integrating all your digital services into a single reporting dashboard saves time when it comes to reporting. Are you anagency with multiple (or hundreds of) clients? What if you could scale your analysis andreporting structure across ALL CLIENTS. Configure once and deploy that's cost savings that will get the accountants excited. The TapClicks reporting dashboard was built with exactly this in mind what good is configuring a single dashboard if it couldn't be applied at scale? If this wasn't the case, we wouldn't have over 500 agencies deploying our dashboards to their customers.

See What a Unified Analytics Dashboard Can Do For You

Capture all your marketing data in one place. Automate your reporting. Create custom reporting widgets to creatively display data in seconds rather than hours of consolidating in Excel. Deploy custom branded interfaces to your clients. Scale and segment your configurations. Give TapClicks a try free for 14 days and see how much easier reporting can be.

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