Digital Marketing Tools For Successful Campaigns

It’s interesting to examine similarity between chess game and marketing. These two rather remotely compare in the sense that sometimes they favor one player and not the other(s). And yet at times it is totally different, the winner might lose terribly in the encounter that follows.

You can always be certain, or nearly certain if all is not going well in chess. This is where the difference may come in marketing. Because you can never be completely certain about your competition. What appears as a gap in their marketing strategy at one moment may be plugged and impressive results realized in short time span.

What Marketers Gain from Digital Marketing Tools ?

There is no sitting back to watch the fruits of a good work take effect in marketing. To win, you must keep working. To stay on top of your game you must remain innovative with your approaches to marketing.

A strong marketing strategy is the order of the game. But that too is not solely sufficient. The best players are sometimes best because they use the best tools of trade. That is the secret.

Use the latest digital marketing tools to remain not only relevant but competitive as well. These comprise the processes and technologies that enable businesses to accurately conduct an analysis of their performance.

TapClicks makes it easier for businesses to market their products and promote their brands through its suite of innovative digital marketing tools. These cut across elements of digital marketing that include online database generation, direct emailing, blogging and use of digital social media platforms to spearhead marketing.

The list of marketing tools can be so long. You cannot actually use all of them. TapClicks recommends that you consider your marketing strategy and let your choice of digital marketing tools be guided by that strategy.

Despite having contemporary and state of the art digital marketing tools, the traditional platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Search, and Emails should guide your understanding of these tools.

As a marketer, the following best practices should be very essential in helping you understand how these tools work and how they can provide you the right marketing solutions.

  • Development Review: you may check out the latest mentions of your brand or the competitor’s by clicking in keywords and of course monitoring Google alerts on the same.
  • Monitoring Social Media Updates: you can actually check what others are saying about your brand using such technologies and softwares such as “Hotsuite” or “Tweetdeck”.
  • Finding influencer: These are opinion leaders on various brands and or products. You could use Klaut, Kred, Peerindex, or Twitter Autofollow softwares to catch up with them.
  • Understanding Customer Behavior: Every marketer needs a target audience. There is no better way than going online and checking out customer likes and preferences using applications such as Google Keyword Planner, and Google Webmaster Tools integration.
  • Site Benchmarking: Applications such as AdPlanner were formerly used to compare the size of one’s audience compared with a competitor’s- however they are still used alongside more recent ones: Similar Web marketing tool, and Campaign Planner.
  • LinkedIn: This is also very useful in finding influencer, but more professional ones based on given organization activities, brands, and products. You can always use advanced search options in LinkedIn.
  • Off-page Backlink Analysis for SEO: Majestic and Moz Open Site Explorer are the most preferred among this category.

Generally among the latest digital marketing tools, marketing analytics is a crucial tool in itself. It is a shift away from the usual archetype. It considers marketing activities across all these platforms and helps make a better evaluation of their consolidated performance over a considerable length of time.

With all these tools you can use you need to make sure the data you collect is useable. Contact us for a personal demo so you can see how much time and energy you can save by using TapClicks to gain understanding into your marketing campaign efforts. Now you have some tools in your utility belt, clients can be another task you need to manage read up on How to Identify Problems BEFORE They Come Up In a Client Meeting.