Digital Marketing Reporting Tools or no Life on the Web

There was a time when people could rely on traditional marketing and feedback channels for promotion of their businesses. Today we live online. We meet people online, build a network online, carry out businesses online, promote them online, and, make and receive reports online. Communication experts stress the importance of feedback. They will tell you that communication is incomplete if there is no feedback. In marketing, your feedback are reports.What does this mean for marketers? Your campaign strategy depends on the effectiveness of your digital marketing reporting tools.

What’s Digital Marketing?

This is the use of the digital technology to deliver marketing messages allowing your clients to interact with your data and business. Delivering of your marketing messages is enabled by the digital marketing reporting tools.

They are the channels through which you are able to put across information regarding the performance of your business for the purposes of your customers.

While marketing is traditionally a process involving pushing of your messages to the customer, today that has changed. Technology has redefined marketing to become a give-and-take interaction. Dialogue with your customers is the way to go. These interactions inform you to deliver exactly what the clientele want.

It is through digital marketing that you communicate one to one with your customers. You reach out to clients on a mass scale.

And, you need to assess the effectiveness of these interactions. That assessment is made possible by digital marketing reporting tools.

Digital Marketing Reporting Tools?

1.  Rival IQ

One good thing about today’s marketing; interactions are not just limited to you and your clientele alone. It extends to your competition and colleagues.

While most of the digital marketing reporting tools provide you with only data regarding your business and that about your customers, Rival IQ gives you more. With it, you can keep up with fellow business folks within your space. You can analyze their websites, social networks and search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

With Rival IQ, you have a peek into the mindset of your competition and peers.  It provides you the unique option to advise fellow businesses on particular areas within their marketing strategy that require adjustment, based on what they are dealing with.

This tool allows for quick comparison of multiple website titles of various businesses. You also get alerts on any new change implemented by your competitors provided that it falls among the areas you follow.

The service can be very useful in matching market tastes. You will be in a better position to make product decisions knowing precisely what the market needs are.

2.  Analytics Engine

Analytics engine provides you with detailed overview of how your business campaigns are doing. You can see any major progress made, stagnation and decline in performance. You can always change strategy if you are pacing up slowly. In case of success, however, you will be alerted to the need to share that accomplishment.

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