Babak Hedayati - A Poem of Hope

Babak Hedayati 7:47 Conversations- A Poem of Hope

Babak Hedayati is the Co-Founder and CEO of Tapclicks.

During this interview, Mr. Hedayati goes in depth on how poetry influenced his leadership and parenting style. He specifically recites "On Children" a poem from Kahlil Gibran and compares it to his own life and children. Mr. Hedayati acknowledges the success he has endured but, explains how he wants his children to be even better. He is the CEO of one of the fastest growing marketing companies in the world but is also just a regular father who wants the best for his children.

He has over 20 years high-tech experience in semiconductor, internet, media platforms, video solutions, social networking and software. Before TapClicks, he served as the CEO of DemosOnDemand. Prior to that he was SVP of worldwide marketing, applications and business development at Cypress Semiconductor, was an executive at Xilinx and served in various business and technical positions at Altera, 3DO, Zycad, and National.

Babak has helped grow businesses from $200M to more than $2B.

He is a graduate of Harvard Business School, and holds a BSEE from San Jose State University.

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