Task and workflow management for your ad operations, billing, and fulfillment.

Task Automation

The TapWorkflow task system automatically creates and assigns tasks to the right people in the process using industry best practices. Push activations directly to partners or serving platforms.  

Make Your Billing and Revenue Process More Efficient

Automate Handoffs Between Teams

Automatically route tasks based on your business processes. Facilitate communication between teams collaborating on projects. 

Workflow graph

Simplify Proposal and Order Capture

Transfer proposal requests and orders automatically from CRM systems or create customized forms for entry. Reduce miscommunication between Sales and Operations by entering objectives and goals right at the point of sale.


Manage Your Operation's Workforce

Enables remote work and accurate tracking for billable hours. Manage due dates and monitor workload through queue dashboard. 

Team Collaboration and control

Team Collaboration and Transparency

Clearly view the status, activity and history of your proposals and orders throughout their lifecycle. Audit campaigns, conversations and tasks in one place, in the same view.

You’re in Good Company

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