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Finally, a marketing dashboard that brings in all your data, makes it easy to see cross-campaign performance across brands, and facilitate communication to your teams around the world with a push of a button.

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A single source of truth for your brand campaign data. Say goodbye to hours searching through dozens of tools to get a picture of marketing campaign performance. Get everyone on the same page with a single dashboard.

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Be better a brand manager, visualizing performance across your marketing tools and teams. With color-coded alerts, you quickly see what campaigns are performing and which need attention. Want a quick analysis of how Facebook is performing vs. Twitter to decide how influential your brand is? Glance at your engagement rates from Buffer and open rates from Marketo? With our advanced analytics, we’ve got you covered.


The end of the reporting headache. You didn’t get into brand marketing to send reports all day, however it seems like that’s all your stakeholders want. Lifehack this by auto-scheduling your reports. Customized to the different KPIs your different teams want, and in whatever format they prefer (PDF, Word, Excel, PPTX, HTML).

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